Biden Admin Wants A World Where Iran Has Full Nuclear Power (And That's Not All)

The Biden Administration has once again presented mixed messages to the American people. This time it’s on how we are going to deal with Iran. On one hand, we have Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying we will exhaust every option to deal with Iran. On the other hand, we have U.S. Iran envoy Robert Malley claiming that we are going to lift sanctions and give Iran full nuclear power to reach a deal. You can’t make this stuff up. During a recent press conference, Sec. Blinken explained the U.S. plan for dealing with Iran: We will look at every option to deal with the challenge posed by Iran. And we continue to believe that diplomacy is the most effective way to do that. But, it takes two to engage in diplomacy, and we have not seen from Iran a willingness to do that at this point. On the same day, directly contradicting Sec. Blinken, U.S. Iran envoy Robert Malley put out a different message : We are prepared to remove all sanctions that were imposed by the Trump Administration that were inconsistent with the [nuclear] deal, and therefore we could get back to the business that we should have been on. . . . We have to prepare for a world – which we’re doing now in consultation with our partners from the region – about a world where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program and we have to consider options for dealing with that, which is what we’re doing even as we hope that we can get back to the deal. Iran is giving us its answer by what it’s doing and not doing every day. Why do we have to accept a world where Iran has zero constraints on their nuclear weapons program? We don’t and we won’t. That would mean arming the Middle East, and it would raise tensions in the region even more than they already are. We filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, which was ignored and led to a lawsuit over these individuals trying to undermine the previous Trump Administration over negotiations with Iran. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell gave his take on the mixed messaging coming from the Biden Administration: Well, this just harkens back to the Obama negotiations, where everyone on the U.S. side that was involved messaged constantly to the American public, and to the Iranian public, and the public in the Middle East, was that we want a deal. And the goal was a deal. And when you enter negotiations, you know I have done thousands of diplomatic negotiations, and when you walk into the room and you actually announce that you want a deal, and that the goal is a deal. Then the other side hears that you’re willing to do anything as long as there is a deal. They have us over the barrel because the Biden team is desperate to pretend like they’ve come to an agreement. We’ve talked about the warnings of consensus, and that’s where we are with the Iranian regimes. The Biden team wants consensus with the Iranians which means they are going to stick out a position, we are going to stick out a position, and we are going to cut that in half. That doesn’t protect America or Israel and it’s a dangerous slippery slope. Ric added how crucial it is for organizations like the ACLJ to keep demanding answers from this Administration: Thank God for the ACLJ and the courage that the team brings. Because without filing these lawsuits to demand transparency, to demand that we understand. . . . Let’s be honest, the ACLJ is holding the Biden Administration accountable, that is so crucial right now. Organizations like the ACLJ have to be supported by our listeners because without holding the Biden team accountable we won’t know what they are doing behind closed doors. While the situation with Iran continues to unfold, we’re watching another chaotic situation festering at our southern border. Around 160,000 people have not only crossed over into the U.S. illegally, they have all been released by the Biden Administration. Some of these individuals have been assigned court dates, but are likely to be living in the shadows, because they are not on the pathway to legal citizenship. And these are just the ones we know about. ACLJ Chief Counsel and my dad Jay Sekulow explained how these people that are released are unlikely to appear in court: It puts the strain on these local communities. It puts the strain on the healthcare system. It puts the strain on local economies. It puts additional strain on law enforcement in those areas. Of course, most of them aren’t going to come back up for a hearing. Catch and release is basically catch and gone. It’s clear the Biden Administration policies on immigration and foreign policy have not been successful and are putting U.S. citizens in harm’s way. Just like we filed a FOIA over the Iran nuclear deal, we’ve filed a FOIA over the crisis at the Southern border. We are demanding answers from this Administration and holding them accountable. Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the Iran nuclear deal and our southern border crisis. Watch the full broadcast below.