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Demand the Truth about Benghazi




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An Open Letter: America Demands the Truth about Benghazi

To the President of the United States and Members of the House Select Committee, 

It’s been years since terrorists attacked an American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, murdering four Americans, including our ambassador.

Yet we still don’t know the full truth. The American people demand answers to these key questions:

  1. Why was no military rescue attempted, leaving Americans behind to die?
  2. When brave Americans – on their own – attempted a rescue, who told them to “stand down?”
  3. What was the President doing the night of the attacks?
  4. What orders did he give?
  5. Who made the decision to wrongly blame the terrorists attack on a video?
  6. When did the President learn the truth that the video was not to blame?

These questions aren’t about politics but about truth and accountability. Americans were left behind on foreign soil, and we seek justice. We demand the truth.

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