We Must Stop ISIS and End the Genocide Against Christians


Jay Sekulow

August 6, 2016

1 min read




With the beheading of a French priest by members of the Islamic State (ISIS) still fresh in the minds of millions, ISIS is now following up that brutal assassination with a verbal assault aimed at Christians – calling Jesus “a slave of Allah” who will “wage jihad” upon returning to earth.

This sacrilegious tirade comes in the form of a new article in the English-language magazine Dabiq, which according to news reports calls on Christians to leave Christianity.

The cover story, “Break the Cross,” argues that Jesus will do precisely that upon his return: “break the cross, kill the swine, and put aside the jizyah [infidels’ tax, assuming all the infidels will have been killed].” “The true religion of Jesus Christ is a pure monotheistic submission – called Islam… when he returns in the final days, the Messiah will adhere to the Law of Muhammad and wage jihad for the cause of Allah,” the article argues, citing Islamic doctrine.

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