The World is at War


Jay Sekulow

July 15, 2016

2 min read




Once again, the terrorists have attacked France.

The carnage is ghastly. Last night, a terrorist attack ripped through Nice, France on Bastille Day – France’s independence day – slaughtering more than 84 people (including two Americans).  Dozens more are injured as the death toll continues to rise.

The jihadist used a time-tested terrorist tool – using a large vehicle as a weapon of mass destruction.

Radical Islamic jihadists continue to strike at the heart of freedom day after day.  ISIS (the Islamic State) has repeatedly attacked our NATO allies in France, Turkey, Belgium and beyond.  ISIS has directed multiple jihadist attacks in America – from San Bernardino to Orlando.  The Jihadist cancer is spreading.

The world is at war.

The global jihad must be destroyed. The time is now for the world to unite to defeat the radical jihadists.

We’ve outlined a crucial 5-point plan to defeat ISIS (the Islamic State) and other jihadists: 1) Name the enemy: Islamic jihadists. 2) Fix our broken intelligence. 3) Ramp up undercover stings to smoke out jihadists at home. 4) Authorize military force against ISIS. 5) Unleash full U.S. military might to utterly destroy ISIS.

We’re aggressively working in Congress and across the globe to implement this strategy.

The world must unite immediately to defeat and utterly destroy this evil.