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Don’t Limit Our Next President



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Say No to a Third Term of President Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

President Obama is trying to force his failed foreign policy on our next President.

He’s trying to create a third term for his failures and weakness.

The very week that ISIS – the Islamic State - beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians, President Obama sent an “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” to Congress that would restrict our nation’s fight against ISIS.

Even worse, it would tie the hands of the next president – a flawed strategy that would remain in place even after President Obama leaves office.

ISIS keeps advancing, killing Christians in Iraq, Syria, and now Libya. ISIS killed another American, a young woman. Now is not the time to tie our hands.

We’re mobilizing our resources on Capitol Hill to send a clear message: Say no to President Obama’s failed policies.

Defend America: Don’t Limit Our Next President

Members of Congress,

President Obama’s proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force would limit our next President and write his failed foreign policy into law for a third term. You must reject it and authorize force that fully protects America from the jihadist threat.

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