Mr. President – It’s Time to Lead the World & Destroy ISIS


Jay Sekulow

November 16, 2015

4 min read




Even after the horrific jihadist attack on Paris, President Obama refuses to change his strategy or even acknowledge the true threat of radical Islam.  Enough is enough.

A radical Islamic jihadist army terrorized Paris, France Friday night, slaughtering at least 129 people and wounding 352, including 99 who are in very serious condition.  Suicide belts, blood-stained streets, explosions, gun shots, hostages. The terror spread to multiple locations. It was a coordinated attack by ISIS – the Islamic State – directed at the heart of Freedom.

It targeted a soccer match, a café, an American band, anywhere innocent people gathered so it could unleash horrific slaughter and inflict maximum casualties.

For years, ISIS has been waging war throughout Africa and the Middle East – beheading, enslaving, raping, and terrorizing men, women, and children of all faiths who refuse to join their barbaric ways. It has specifically targeted Christians for extinction.  And now, in a chilling new video ISIS is directly threatening to attack America.  The terror – the evil – ISIS has been waging daily in the Middle East has come to the West.

Yet, on the morning of the horrific radical Islamic attack on Paris, President Obama claimed ISIS had been “contained.”  And unbelievably after the attack President Obama still claims that “we have the right strategy.”

It’s time for President Obama to wake up. Leading from behind has utterly failed.

It’s time for the United States to lead the world. It’s time to destroy ISIS once and for all.

For the hundreds of victims in Paris, for the women and children forced into sex slavery, for the Christians who are beheaded, crucified, and burned alive, America must lead the fight for freedom.

Yet, as the President of France declares war on ISIS, President Obama seems in deep denial, angered at members of the media who dare to question his failed foreign policy.

Leading from behind has not worked. President Obama’s continued narrative and failure to be clear about the enemy – radical Islamic jihadists – has created disastrous chaos in the Middle East.

French President Francois Hollande had it right when he described the attack, “"It is an act of war that was waged by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, by [the Islamic State].”

ISIS must be crushed. There is no other option. And in order to destroy ISIS once and for all, U.S. strategy must change.

ISIS has made clear that President Obama’s former claims about them could not be further from reality. First, he called them a “JV team.” Then, just last Friday, he said ISIS had been “contained.” He claimed that ISIS didn’t have the capabilities to carry out an attack.

And then ISIS struck Paris.

And still, with France, our oldest ally, in a State of Emergency and at war with ISIS, President Obama refused to admit that we must lead with a new strategy.

President Obama’s former deputy CIA director Michael Morrell has admitted as much, "Our strategy to defeat them ... degrade them is simply not working."

But President Obama himself claimed that he has not underestimated the abilities of ISIS to strike and terrorize all over the world. Tone-deaf to the pain in Paris and the concerns of Americans, he was asked by numerous members of the mainstream media what he was prepared to do to ensure more ISIS attacks aren’t successful.

And he doubled down on his failed strategy, claiming, “There will be an intensification of the strategy that we've put forward. But the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. … It will take time."

Our strategy has failed. As the most powerful country in the world, we must lead and eradicate ISIS once and for all. We must have a significant strategy shift.

This is not a partisan issue. This is a moral moment. This is about fundamental human dignity and those who will not stop until we stop them once and for all.

It is time to defeat and destroy ISIS.