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ISIS Strikes, Targeting Innocent Children

By Jay Sekulow1495560021257

Last night, in the midst of a concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, an ISIS suicide bomber struck the heart of Europe, killing 22 innocent people and injuring dozens more.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the United Kingdom.

A massive explosion ripped through a concert hall where an American singer was performing, sending young children and teenagers fleeing in every direction.

It was a sophisticated terrorist attack. It was a targeted, horrific attack. This was not a random event. It was on the fourth anniversary of a gruesome jihadist terror attack in London on a British soldier.

This bombing targeted children - teenagers and young girls packing a pop concert. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, after calling on their followers to “hunt your prey” in the days leading up to the attack. In a video released after the attack, an ISIS jihadist said, “This is only the beginning.”

It’s pure evil.

We know ISIS and other Islamic jihadists have called for exactly this type of attack - targeting Americans, innocent children, and other free people of the world.

This concussive attack coincides with President Trump visit  to the Middle East where he singled out terrorists – calling  on Muslim nations to "Drive them out."

We must act now. We're continuing to aggressively advocate our plan to defeat and destroy radical Islamic terrorism.

  1. We must focus on protecting human life.
  2. We must recognize the true nature of our foe and fix our systemic problems with our intelligence agencies.
  3. We must ramp up our undercover sting operations to smoke out ISIS activists in our countries.
  4. We must unleash the full force of our military to deprive ISIS of its strongholds.
  5. We must urge our leaders to authorize the government to do whatever it takes to destroy ISIS and other jihadists once and for all.
  6. We must create safe zones to reduce the flow of unvetted immigrants while defending President’s Executive Order limiting the flow of refugees and others from countries of concern.

 We must defeat them before it's too late. Sign our petition to join the fight.

Defeat ISIS & Islamic Jihadists

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