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Iran just released a deranged hype video of realistic footage pretending to blow up the United States Capitol. The video was leaked Sunday on state-controlled TV before Ayatollah Khamenei gave a speech praising the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit depicted in the propaganda video. The video began as a tribute to Iranian General Qasem Soleimani who was killed in a U.S. drone strike during the Trump Administration. Iran’s supposedly moderate peace-loving Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, described Iran’s view of the relationship between Iran and the U.S.: “I believe Iran and the U.S. will never be friends as long as the Islamic republic preserves its identity. Never will our issues with America be resolved.”

Thousands of Israelis were ordered to take shelter on Monday as Hamas continually fired rockets into neighborhoods while people celebrated Jerusalem Day. Hamas claims the attacks are punishment. In response to this attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the militant group crossed a "red line" and that a "heavy price" will be paid. ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow has witnessed these attacks before firsthand, and he’s stood face-to-face with PM Netanyahu while discussing “civilized countries” having to “defend themselves against terrorist criminals.” The ACLJ continues to stand with Israel.

The situation in Jerusalem may very well turn into a full-on war between Israel and Hamas, according to United Nations Middle East envoy, Tor Wennesland. We are watching live warfare. But let’s be clear – who started and escalated this situation? Hamas. Who is defending themselves and wants this to be over? Israel. These are unprovoked attacks by Hamas using missiles that are almost certainly sourced out of Iran to commit reprehensible acts of violence. The bottom line is the Biden Administration calling for “de-escalation” for the violence between Israel and Hamas is completely out of touch. Every day this situation is getting worse and worse, and our ally Israel is suffering for it.

Hamas and other terror groups have launched 1,050 rockets at Israel, destroying homes and taking civilian lives. Now, with talks of the Biden Administration sending more money to the Iranians, the situation is not likely to de-escalate. President Biden must take a stand against terror and protect our ally Israel.

We warned you and now its happening: the conflict between our ally Israel and Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is only escalating. Israeli military had to launch airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and have expressed intent to commence ground operations against the violence from Hamas. It’s no secret that Iran – the number one state sponsor of terrorism – plays a big role in these attacks against Israel. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Official Ramez Al-Halabi even just openly admitted that the rockets used to strike Tel Aviv, the weapons, money, and food were all provided by Iran. And while we know Iran is almost certainly supporting Hamas in these attacks on Israel, members of the Biden Administration are still engaging in active negotiations with Iran in Vienna and considering handing over potentially providing billions of dollars in sanction relief.

Defend Israel from Anti-Israel Attacks

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