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Stop Pres. Obama from Bullying Israel




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Stop President Obama from Bullying Israel

Is America still Israel’s friend?

The Obama Administration has attacked Israel for defending itself time and again.

Now it's undermining Israel’s security in nuclear negotiations with Iran.

If Iran obtains a nuclear bomb, it spells doom for Israel.

Yet this Administration condemns Israel for even voicing its concern.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is addressing Congress about this impending danger. But the Administration is condemning the visit – condemning our ally.

At the ACLJ, we’re aggressively working through our offices in Jerusalem, at the United Nations, and on Capitol Hill to defend Israel.

We must send a clear message: Israel is our friend – our ally against terrorism.

Reject Obama Administration bullying. Stand with Israel. Sign our petition:

Stand with Israel Against Obama Administration Bullying

To President Obama and Congress:

Israel is our friend – our ally. We must support Israel and listen to its concerns. Stop trying to bully and silence our ally. Defend Israel today.

Thank you for signing the petition!

Stand with us as we aggressively defend Israel against President Obama’s bullying. Have your tax-deductible gift doubled today.

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