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The Palestinian Authority (PA) is a state sponsor of terrorism.

The PA broke the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords with Israel, directly violating international law.

Israel could be attacked once again at any moment – its citizens targeted by terrorists.

Even more troubling – the PA pays $315 million or more each year to Palestinians carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli and American civilians. It’s been correctly called pay-for-slay and murder-for-hire.

We’re taking direct action to defend our ally Israel. But the Biden Administration is once again sending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the PA. This is a direct violation of federal law. Taxpayer support for a terrorist-led entity at war with Israel must end.

Take action with us as we defend Israel in Congress, at the U.N., and before the International Criminal Court.

Petition To Defund the Terrorist-Led Palestinian Authority

To Congress and the Biden Administration:

The terrorist-led PA is threatening Israel and breaking decades-old peace agreements. America must stop funding terrorists at war with Israel. Stop violating the Taylor Force Act now.



Stop Funding Terrorists at War With Israel

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