Second Attack on Israel at the UN Likely This Month


Matthew Clark

April 11, 2016

2 min read




Last week, we told you how the Obama Administration is reportedly plotting to use the U.N. Security Counsel to force Israel into talks with terrorists.

Now the situation just got worse.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is shopping around a resolution at the U.N. Security Council that would undercut Israel’s longstanding position on settlements, before any negotiations take place.  A vote could come later this month.

But even worse, the Obama Administration (which has vetoed a similar resolution in the past) has changed course.  It is now refusing to publicly back Israel and refusing to say whether it would veto this new anti-Israel resolution at the U.N.

Here’s the latest:

According to Haaretz, the PA circulated a draft resolution last week to a number of Security Council members condemning settlement construction, and Abbas would like to bring the resolution to a vote when he visits the UN on April 22 to take part in a conference on climate. 

As The Jerusalem Post further reports:

The US vetoed an anti-settlement resolution at the UN in 2011, which was the only veto cast by the US during President Barack Obama’s tenure.

The US also has worked against similar initiatives at the council out of a belief that the best step forward is the resumption of direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

The peace process, however, has been frozen since April 2014 with little hope that it will be resumed during Obama’s presidency, which ends in January. There is a growing fear among Israelis that Obama could change his tune with respect to a Security Council resolution.

As Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, correctly noted, “‘The Palestinians must understand that there are no shortcuts’ when it comes to resolving the conflict.”

Clearly this is something that President Obama doesn’t understand.  We’ve already sent 10-page legal letters to the 15 U.N. Security Council member states explaining in detail why peace negotiations are impossible with an entity that supports terrorism and why weakening the only democracy in the Middle East by tying its hands before negotiations even begin would have disastrous results.

We are preparing more letters and legal memoranda to the U.N., key leaders in Congress, and the President Obama himself in an effort defeat these latest ploys to undermine Israel on the world stage.