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The Palestinians responded to historic Middle East peace with rocket attacks against the state of Israel.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed the Palestinian response to the Israeli peace agreements. While the White House ceremony was happening, they launched thirteen rockets from Gaza into Israel. The Palestinians do not want Israel to sign any more peace agreements with other countries in the Middle East.

Journalist Trey Yingst said the following on Fox News:

Right as that ceremony was taking place at the White House yesterday, the normalization deal between Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE, Palestinian militants inside Gaza fired two rockets towards the Israeli town of Ashdod, where we are today. One of them intercepted by Israel’s missile defense system, the Iron Dome, the other one landing here in Ashdod, injuring 6 people.

Trey continued:

The Israelis responded then with airstrikes inside the Gaza strip overnight, at which point militants fired more rockets, 13 in total, from a second round into southern Israel. There were no injuries reported from that second round, but tension does remain high as Hamas, the group in control of Gaza, tells Fox News that there will be no peace or stability until the needs of the Palestinians are met.

That is how the Palestinian militant groups responded to the historic peace deals signed yesterday between Israel and Bahrain as well as Israel and the UAE. The President said last night on ABC that not five but nine additional countries from the Muslim world are ready to sign peace agreements with Israel.

When we say the Muslim world, not all of them are Gulf States. Some of the additional countries discussed are located in North Africa. We’ve even heard about countries from the former Soviet bloc like Kosovo, which is primarily Muslim, recognizing Israel for the first time in their history. That happened as part of the historic economic deal that Kosovo made with Serbia which was also facilitated by President Trump just weeks ago.

So 13 rockets fired into Israel was the response from the Palestinians. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted 8 of those missiles and the Israeli Defense Forces responded with two waves of air strikes. It’s a safe bet that more damage was done on the Gaza Strip. This response is reprehensible, but it is typical of what Palestinian militant groups do.

Ultimately, this is a message from Palestinian leadership to the other Gulf States currently lining up to make peace with Israel. There are multiple rumors circulating that even Saudi Arabia is considering this recognition of Israel and establishing formal diplomatic relations ties. If that were to happen, there would be no one left to fund the Palestinian Authority, except perhaps for Iran, and even that gets complicated.

President Trump is making history in the Middle East and working hard to ensure the safety and security of our most important ally in the region, Israel.

The full broadcast is complete with more discussion by our team of the Palestinian’s response to yesterday’s signing ceremony at the White House and the potential for more peace deals between Israel and other Muslim countries facilitated by President Trump. We also provided a presidential polling update and analysis.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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