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Reports have come out that Israel is right on the cusp of creating a vaccine that will be available against the Coronavirus. Will the world decide to boycott or sanction that?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed Israel’s potential breakthrough on a Coronavirus vaccine.

There’s been a lot of talk politically about the Coronavirus. Right off the bat I want to say it’s something to take seriously; it’s certainly reached a pandemic level. It’s crossed countries and borders. We’ve seen some cases here in the United States.

As I pointed out, and I’m not trying to downplay the concern about it, the Common Flu and more common ailments can be more deadly and dangerous. When you do have something spreading worldwide that there isn’t a vaccine for, you certainly want to get that vaccine as soon as possible so that you can end that concern.

I believe the stock market changes that we’re seeing right now will be completely reversed once that goes into effect, the cases start coming down rapidly, and the spread is totally contained.

Well, get this: There’s breaking news out Israel. The Jerusalem Post and Daily Wire are reporting it. Israeli scientists are going on the record saying that in a few weeks we will have the Coronavirus vaccine and that once the vaccine is developed it would take about ninety days to complete the process and get it to the market place.

The head of the Galilee Research Institute in Israel, Dr. Itamar Yadid said the following:

Now we are producing sufficient quantities to test it in humans and to see if we can produce protecting antibodies against this virus. It’s a matter of weeks or very few months until we have sufficient quantities to start those trials. And once the regulators of the Ministry of Health approves this vaccine and decides it is safe for use, then it should be ready.

There you go. That’s a fairly quick option. If the world backed what they’re doing at the Galilee Institute, it could probably be done that much more quickly. Now I’m sure our Administration took note of this and is in touch with them now on this and scientific research issues like it.

We also discussed how Speaker Pelosi couldn’t stay away from making the Coronavirus situation political:

The Senate has a proposal, we’ll have something similar, which addresses the need for the professionals to be in place, the President let go a couple of years ago, never replaced them. This is shameful, and puts forth a proposal now that is meager, anemic, in terms of addressing this. With Ebola we did $5 billion, now they’re trying to take the Ebola money and spend it here. So what he’s doing is late, too late, anemic. Hopefully we can make up for the loss of time. But it’ll have to have the professionals in place, the resources that are adequate. And not be giving, using scare tactics about people coming back to our country.

That’s just shameful how the Speaker can make something like this political during a time when we need all hands on deck working together.

You can listen to the entire episode with further discussion here.

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