Defending Israel Against Treacherous Betrayal - Gifts Doubled

Defending Israel Against Treacherous Betrayal - Gifts Doubled


We're fighting back against President Biden's betrayal of Israel.

We’re mobilizing our office in Jerusalem in the face of unthinkable war. We’re preparing critical legal letters, FOIA requests, and lawsuits; and we're defending Israel’s interests at the U.N. and in Congress. We're representing families of the hostages on Capitol Hill and at the U.N. We’re filing a massive lawsuit against the Biden Administration. We held back the Obama-Biden Administration's repeated attempts to abandon our ally Israel before. But this time, we’re battling President Biden’s unlimited, taxpayer-funded resources. You could be the difference.

Have your tax-deductible donation DOUBLED through our Life & Liberty Drive to defend Israel.

A Tax-Deductible gift today will be matched, dollar for dollar, by a group of ACLJ Members. Every $10 gift becomes $20 for the work of the ACLJ.
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