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Washington Times Urges Pastor Saeed’s Release

By Matthew Clark1380215963000

Today, in recognition of the one-year mark of American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s illegal imprisonment in Iran, the Washington Times Editorial Board calls on Iran to release Pastor Saeed.

In an editorial entitled, “An opportunity for Iran: It should release a Christian pastor imprisoned for his faith,” the times details Pastor Saeed’s case and urges Iran’s new leadership to live up to its promises of moderation.

The Washington Times writes:

If Tehran is genuinely interested in improving relations with the United States and the West, Mr. Rouhani and the ruling mullahs could prove it with a small gesture. He could free a Christian pastor who on Thursday marks his first anniversary as a political prisoner in Tehran’s notoriously evil Evin Prison. . . .

Mr. Abedini’s wife told an audience at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., last week that her husband was promised his freedom if he would renounce his Christian faith and embrace Islam. . . . His wife says his remarkable fortitude has won 30 converts to the Christian faith among the other inmates, mostly Muslims. The Iranian government could release Mr. Abedini if only to protect Islam from further erosion at Evin Prison. . . .

By freeing this captive, the new Iranian president could show the world that the frequently used “moderate” label actually applies here, and Iran’s “new” leader isn’t just a fresh new face installed as a substitute for an ugly one.

Today, as we gather with thousands around the world at over 100 prayer vigils, we want to thank the Washington Times for being a voice for the voiceless and all those who are taking a stand to bring this American pastor home.

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