Senator Risch Sends a Message Into Iran for Pastor Saeed


Matthew Clark


June 11, 2013

U.S. Senator James Risch (ID), Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Senator, has a message for the people of Iran. He recorded a message (above) to be sent into Iran through Voice of America ahead next week’s elections, sent directly to the people of Iran. He told them about Pastor Saeed and how he is being wrongly imprisoned in the brutal Evin prison merely because of his religious beliefs – because he is a Christian. He urged the people of Iran to stand up for freedom, for human rights, for Pastor Saeed. The 33-year-old pastor – a U.S. citizen – continues to languish in an Iranian prison, now for nearly 260 days. He is separated from his wife Naghmeh who just raised his case before the United Nations on behalf of their two young children. He continues to suffer from internal bleeding inflicted by beatings he has received in prison. Now, taking Pastor Saeed’s case directly to the people of Iran is a critical step in the fight for his freedom. Senator Risch has been a powerful voice in the Senate, calling for his freedom and continuing to pressure the U.S. State Department to “ make every effort ” to secure Pastor Saeed’s freedom. We will continue fighting – along with the over 600,000 of you who have signed the petition at – for Pastor Saeed’s release. Please continue to pray, and we will keep you updated on the battle for this persecuted pastor’s life.