Save Saeed Campaign Reaching New People in Brazil


Filipe Coelho

December 11, 2013

1 min read

Middle East



The Brazilian Center for Law and Justice continues to travel around Brazil to spread the word and to speak out about Pastor Saeed. This past weekend, as director of the BCLJ, I spoke in three different churches in São Paulo, Brazil.

I spoke on Saturday night at the First Baptist Church in Mirandópolis, on Sunday night at Christian Community Jeová Nissí Church in Araçatuba, and on Monday night for the Pastor and Leader Counsel of the city of Araçatuba. I had the opportunity to share Pastor Saeed’s story with over five thousand people.

We created the Save Saeed T-shirts in order for people to take their picture using the T-shirt and post it through Social Media. The idea is catching on fast around Brazil. Hundreds of people are wearing the T-shirts all over Brazil.

The best part about the campaign and the T-shirts is that people ask what does it mean, giving each of person wearing the shirt the opportunity to share Pastor Saeed’s story and pray for his freedom.

Below are a few pictures taken at these events: