Pastor Saeed’s 10th Wedding Anniversary Spent Behind Bars, But He Still Surprises His Wife


Jordan Sekulow

June 30, 2014

1 min read

Middle East



Today is Pastor Saeed Abedini's 10th wedding anniversary, his third spent behind bars apart from his wife Naghmeh.

Naghmeh posted on Facebook yesterday about how difficult it is to be apart from her husband and how much she wishes him to be returned home to America soon.

Today, she got a bit of a surprise. The last time Pastor Saeed was able to have visitation in the prison from family members in Iran, he secretly asked them to arrange flowers to be sent to Naghmeh on their anniversary.

It is an incredible reminder of the love this family shares. Naghmeh and her two young kids deserve to have their husband and father home. Iran must release Pastor Saeed.

As we continue fighting for his freedom, please pray and sign the petition demanding his release.