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Saeed facing death threats from ISIS

By Jay Sekulow1408069621000

The situation for American Pastor Saeed Abedini - being held in an Iranian prison - has taken a terrible and dangerous turn for the worse.

Pastor Saeed, who has been imprisoned for nearly two years in Iran because of his Christian faith, is now facing grave new death threats - not from the Iranians who are holding him captive, but from the radical ISIS terrorists who are conducting a campaign of genocide against Christians in Iraq.

Our legal team, which represents Pastor Saeed's wife, Naghmeh, and their two young children who live in the U.S., just discovered that ISIS terrorists are being held in Rajai Shahr Prison – in fact in the same prison ward where Pastor Saeed is being held. And now we know that other prisoners have told Pastor Saeed that if ISIS prisoners have the opportunity, they will murder him because of his Christian faith. . . .

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