Terrorists Infiltrating Border? Senators Demand Answers


Logan Sekulow

October 26, 2023

4 min read




Senator Roger Marshall (KS) has a new bill that would force President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security to report monthly on illegal immigrants caught at the southern border who are on the Terrorist Watchlist.

Fox News reports:

The legislation, co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, would require the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to report monthly not only the number of terror watchlist encounters, which are already posted by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), but also an additional breakdown.

That would include where the individuals were encountered, details on why they were on the watchlist, any such ties they have to a terrorist organization, national origin and previous criminal convictions.

Other information would include how they traveled to the U.S., details about their detention and if they have been deported into the U.S. or released, and how many faulty watchlist hits have occurred.

The bill comes as new CBP statistics show a record number of people encountered at the southern border between ports of entry in FY 23, more than the last six fiscal years combined.

Senator Marshall argues that the border crisis has resulted in “an invasion,” leaving the U.S. susceptible to future terrorists illegally entering. And he’s got the data to back it up.

We’ve told you about the millions of “gotaways” who have crossed the border under the Biden Administration. We also exposed the Administration’s cover-up of Yemen terrorists caught at the border.

Should Senator Marshall’s proposed bill be shocking or controversial? Of course not. All Americans – and especially U.S. Senators – should know about the dangers of an unsecured border. But for some reason, the Left continues to ignore the border, putting our national security.

Senator Marshall joined our show to discuss his proposed bill:

We’ve had 170 terrorists on the watchlist encountered at the border over the past year. We have no idea where they are, who they are, They were caught and released. So what our bill does is it requires Secretary Mayorkas to communicate with Congress on a monthly basis. Just give us an update on who these people are, where they are. Are they working for universities doing research? Are they working for our military? What are these people doing? So it holds them accountable. And in addition to those 170 people on the terrorist list, there’s also 60,000 people of interest from the Middle East, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Afghanistan. We want to know where those people are. In addition to 20,000 Chinese nationalists that have been encountered at our borders over the past year.

Clearly, the border has never been more open than it is right now. And the Biden Administration doesn’t want to admit that terrorists on the watchlist are crossing the border.

Senator Marshall encouraged us not to listen to what President Biden says but what he does. His actions have resulted in an open border that is turning every state in the U.S. into a border state. The Senator pointed out how 300 people a day are dying from fentanyl poisoning – a direct result of Biden’s open border policies.

We must not tolerate this threat to national security. The ACLJ will continue to push for a secure border and hold this Administration accountable for failing to protect Americans.

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Today’s Sekulow broadcast also featured former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who reacted to the report that Iran trained 500 terrorist fighters prior to the attack on Israel.

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