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Think about the fact we’ve got politicians debating whether we need enhanced border security, including physical barriers to stem the current humanitarian crisis, when border patrol agents just intercepted the largest illegal migrant caravan in our country’s history.

On today’s broadcast, we discussed the caravan of over 1,000 illegal migrants primarily from central America, including a reported 63 unaccompanied children, that was just stopped and taken into custody near El Paso, Texas.

There is no question this is a crisis. We’ve already told you how our border patrol agents are overwhelmed. Our processing centers can’t handle the influx of migrants coming at them.

And in this particular case, these are not political refugees seeking asylum. They’re illegal immigrants circumventing our legal immigration process. And Mexico is allowing them to just pass through. This is why President Trump just announced new tariffs on Mexico, in response to its passive cooperation with these caravans rather than taking action to halt the migrant flow.

We need our neighbor to take this crisis seriously, and it appears they are, considering the President of Mexico just dispatched his Foreign Secretary to Washington D.C. to meet with White House officials.

After one caller asked what the game plan of Democrats was, not working with the President to secure the border, we speculated that they must want to change demographics. The hope, it seems, is that allowing all these illegal migrants into the country will create new voters.

We are proud to be a country of immigrants – legal immigrants who come here to work and build a better life. I’ve known many immigrants who love this country and are proud to be here, and deserved to be here. But we cannot allow undocumented, illegal migrants to storm our borders and disappear into the system.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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