President Biden Considering Ridiculous Pay Out to Migrants Who Crossed The Border Illegally

The Biden Administration is ready to cut a nearly half-a-million-dollar check to each child and each parent who broke the law and entered the United States illegally under the Trump Administration. The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are trying to give $450,000 per individual to those who crossed the border illegally if they were separated from their families during the process. So, the Biden Administration is waving a million-dollar payout from the federal government for the world to see for breaking the law. And they are doing it, not through law or policy, but through a potential settlement agreement. Remember, this is still an Administration that does not support the DNA testing of immigrants. So, what is preventing criminals who are illegally crossing the border from trafficking children to receive more money? We don’t have a way of knowing if it is the real mother or father. This is rewarding and incentivizing illegal behavior. And when the world catches wind of this news, migrants will be running straight to the already overwhelmed border instead of following the legal immigration system. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell explained how this move incentivizes criminal activity: Several years ago, we started down this road of calling the breaking of law a sanctuary city. This whole term, which sounded nice at the time . . . a sanctuary city is really a place where you get to ignore the law and do your own thing. And when the media and the political people in Washington, D.C., decided that we would go down the road of sanctuary cities, we knew it would end up to the point where we would be paying people who are breaking our laws. My first reaction when I hear about paying this much money to people who have broken the laws and have somehow been inconvenienced is to think about all of the people who have been waiting in line to get into this country. Everyone who is listening to us right now should never feel bad about enforcing immigration laws. We’re not selfish. We’re not mean-spirited. We the American people give a million people a year citizenship in this country. It’s not too much to say there are 100 million people waiting; and if we don’t have rules, we won’t have a country. All we need to do is enforce these laws because there are plenty of people abiding by the rules, waiting in line trying to come in who are not getting paid. To pay people who are jumping the line is so outrageous and anti-American. Every person should stand up against this. Ric added how this financial incentive is going to empower drug cartels and traffickers: It is giving aid and comfort to lawbreakers. . . . By making them feel better. By making it seem like it’s no big deal to break the law. Now we are literally incentivizing and paying lawbreakers. We are not going to have a country if we do not follow the rules and follow the law. If you don’t like a law, then you can go and have it changed. But somehow to reward lawbreakers to make them feel better by giving them a different name is really dangerous for all of the people who follow the rules and follow the law. We have to stand against this. This is really a low point for America. ACLJ Senior Counsel and former prosecutor Andy Ekonomou discussed where this would end up if these payments were to actually be handed out: Where does this go? How does it end? Under what circumstances do we put an end to the handouts by the federal government of money? What bothers me as a former prosecutor is here is a person or persons who have committed a crime. They have entered the United States illegally. They have violated our law. They are criminals. They have violated the statutory mandates set up by Congress in entering this country illegally. And what do we do? Not only do we let them jump in front of all the people . . . who have been waiting to get in legally, but we reward them for it. . . . It’s like a bank robber . . . who robs a bank and takes the money, and you not only give him back the money, but you give him a reward for robbing the bank and you give him a job at the bank as a teller. We’ve already filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration over the border crisis and we’re demanding action to fix this issue. We will tell you exactly how this ends. By providing financial incentives to illegal immigrants, the crisis will only get worse. Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the federal government considering offering $450,000 to illegal immigrants. Watch the full broadcast below.