Insulting America: Biden Illegal Immigrant Payments Larger Than What’s Given to Families of Fallen Military


Wesley Smith

November 3, 2021

6 min read




The Biden Administration is engaged in settlement negotiations with approximately 900 illegal immigrants (many of whom are represented by the ACLU) to compensate them after they broke the law.  Rather than go through civil court proceedings, the Biden team is considering settling out of court and giving $450,000 each to the parents and children of illegal immigrants who were separated from each other at the border.

These people entered the United States illegally during a two-month period of the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal crossings.  Because children cannot be held longer than 20 days according to U.S. law, the government was forced to release them to other family members, foster families, and so forth—while their alleged parents were held for asylum hearings or for deportation.  I use the term alleged, as there is no way to definitively prove paternity in many of these cases and numerous children had been brought to the U.S. by people who claimed to be their parents—but were not.  The push to do rapid DNA testing for adults and children at the border to prove paternity has been blocked by Members of Congress.  Thus, family members were separated from one another at the border.

Just when you think President Biden’s policies cannot be any more bizarre and counter-productive to the American people—this happens.  With millions of people out of work due to Biden’s decrees concerning the oil and gas industry, thousands out of work and 3 million dollars a day being spent to pay contractors NOT to build a wall along the border (with the building materials already purchased and laying on the ground), with inflation at the highest rate in 30 years, with companies not being able to find workers because Joe Biden has been paying people to stay home, with Congress deadlocked over Biden’s plan to spend trillions of dollars on legislation that, for the most part, is blatantly socialist and exponentially increases the size of the government and the U.S. debt—he decides we should also reward people who break U.S. law.

Most insulting of all, the $450,000 to be given to illegal immigrants is larger than what a fallen servicemember’s next of kin receives when their loved one dies for our country.  Members of the military must purchase Servicemembers Group Life Insurance for their family to receive $400,000 if the servicemember dies; it is not a gift.  It is an insurance policy. You choose to flaunt U.S. law and jump in line ahead of those who are trying to legally immigrate to America?  The Biden Administration will pay you for that!  Handsomely.

Joe Biden’s immigration policies have been like sending illegals an engraved invitation to come to America, with a signing bonus.  There is a reason many people who are caught illegally crossing the U.S. southern border are wearing “Joe Biden” t-shirts.  He not only halted construction of a border wall, but he also canceled the Remain in Mexico policy.  This was an orderly and humanitarian process, applauded by Mexican officials as it cut down on illegal immigrants flooding their own southern border, whereby those wishing to claim asylum in America were held in Mexico pending their court hearings.

President Biden declared there would be no deportations during his first 100 days in office—not even for convicted felons.  Operation Talon, which meant those convicted of sex offenses were automatically deported, was stopped during Biden’s first month in office. The Biden Department of Homeland Security gives illegal migrants a Notice to Appear (NTA) for a future immigration court hearing before releasing them into the country. Many others are simply given a Notice to Report (NTR) to an immigration office once they reach whatever their chosen destination is in the U.S.  Most people given a NTA or NTR never show up for their proceedings. Thousands of illegal immigrants are flown to cities all across America routinely, where they are released.  Is it a surprise to anyone that the number of illegals caught crossing the border during Biden’s first year in office will exceed two million people?  And this does not account for the “getaways”—those who are not apprehended while illegally crossing.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is studying the root causes of illegal immigration.  Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. It is like there is more than a COVID-19 pandemic.  There is a pandemic of insanity surrounding this presidency.

The crisis on the border is a national security issue, with illegal immigrants from over 150 countries crossing the border in the last year. They are not just people from Central America seeking a better life in the U.S.  It is a health matter, as the people crossing the border are not routinely tested for COVID. Overcrowding at border facilities becomes de facto super-spreader events.  It is a moral issue—as sex trafficking and human trafficking are rampant due to the lack of security on the border.  It is a public safety issue, as we do not have an effective way to vet all those crossing the border, and many who are caught have already been convicted of violent crimes and previously deported.  The drug cartels are also in full operation and recently have been firing at Border Patrol officers and members of the Texas National Guard. In short, it is chaos on the border.

But the most egregious action by the Biden Administration of late is to even consider paying illegal immigrants more, much more, than we pay family members of our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.  This is an insult to all who wear the uniform and to every veteran.  It is an insult to our Gold Star Families who have been separated from their loved ones—permanently.  It is an insult to every American citizen.

The Biden Administration must stop the settlement negotiations for illegals, even if it does mean fighting this out in court.  President Joe Biden has been perfectly willing to go to court fighting individual states over matters like abortion and responses to the COVID pandemic. He must stop the lunacy of proposing to pay those who broke immigration law.  Mr. President, it is your sworn duty to defend the U.S. and its Constitution from all enemies—foreign and domestic.