Congresswoman Introduces Innovative Legislation to Secure Border


Jordan Sekulow

December 27, 2022

4 min read




After two years of inaction from the Biden Administration, a Congresswoman from New York – yes, “liberal” New York – has introduced a piece of legislation that would divert money earmarked for the Deep State IRS to instead secure our southern border with Mexico.

Rep. Tenney hopes her bill, the DIRECT Act, will redirect that money way from going to the rogue Biden IRS to fund more audits on hardworking Americans, and instead use those precious tax dollars to combat the free flow of dangerous drugs and illegal immigrants coming across our border, overwhelming our border agents.

Rep. Claudia Tenney joined us on the broadcast to further explain her bill, and why a bold, creative move like this is necessary right now:

I just looked at this and said why are we adding 87,000 IRS agents? We already have 80,000 people working for the IRS, so you add 87,000 more? And remember, this is in the age of, we have computers, we have a lot more efficiency, so you don’t need as many people actually, but they’re doing this because, number one they want to create a bureaucracy. And number two, they want to go after these lower and middle income taxpayers who can’t afford lawyers, and accountants, and people that can actually help them with their tax returns.

And I’ll tell you what happens as a member of Congress, and I’m sure that even the Democrats deal with this. We deal everyday with taxpayer advocacy. We help people who can’t get through the IRS, who can’t afford lawyers, so now we’re going to have even more money spent and more bureaucracy and more power people put in charge. Remember they added guns to the repertoire of IRS agents, so they’re almost like FBI agents which we now know are so corrupt. And I’m looking at this – this was already done, it was already appropriated, uni-party, one party rule by the Democrats. How can we change it? The only thing we could do is what they call rescission, and that’s take that money back and redirect it to our border patrol, and our border agents who are suffering at the border, at the expense of the taxpayers.

It is refreshing that Rep. Tenney is actually looking for creative solutions to a very real, dangerous issue. And it shouldn’t matter what party they are a member of – it’s about securing the border and protecting Americans, not about further building up the government bureaucracy. I just appreciate seeing SOMEONE in our federal government actually taking a bold step to do something. As my dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow summed it up: “Folks this is how you make direct change in Washington D.C., by redirecting the flow of funds.” 

Our border is being flooded with illegal migrants. This is not a secret to anyone, despite President Biden and Vice President Harris behaving as if they have no clue what’s going on there, and the White House painting any Republican effort to secure the border a “political stunt.”  Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is allowing drug dealers, sex traffickers, and known terrorists to cross the border and disappear into the crowd. Innocent young women and children are in danger of being the victims of unspeakable crimes. Not to mention there’s been enough deadly fentanyl captured at the border to kill every single American, multiple times over. Imagine what we missed.

I would really love to hear White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre give a sensible explanation why the White House is refusing to stop this humanitarian crisis.

She can’t of course, because there isn’t one. I’d settle for hearing how she or anyone on Team Biden looks at the images coming out of the border and still sleeps at night.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more discussion with Rep. Tenney of her bill and where the idea came from, and why it is crucial that this or some similar creative solution is created to stop Biden’s bizarre – and very un-American plan – to grow the Deep State FBI to harass helpless taxpayers, and leave the border in ruins and hundreds of thousands of undocumented minors waltz right into our country and vanish. 

Watch the full broadcast below: