Young boys in Afghanistan face rampant and unspeakable sexual abuse.

They are dressed up as women and forced to dance for older men.  They are sold as sex slaves and raped multiple times a day.

It’s called “bacha bazi” – which means “boy play.” It’s gruesomely evil.

What’s worse, there are multiple reports that the U.S. Military is ordering our troops to look the other way – even reports it’s being allowed to occur on U.S. military bases.

The U.S. gives Afghanistan more foreign aid than any other nation, yet we are silent in the face of child rape and torture.  It’s abominable.

We’re fighting back, aggressively advocating on Capitol Hill, demanding the Obama Administration address these atrocities.  We’re submitting critical legal documents and testimony at the United Nations to end the abuse.

Children are being sexually tortured.  We must defend them. Take action with us.

Petition to Protect Children from Sexual Torture in Afghanistan


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Protect Children from Sexual Torture in Afghanistan

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