Update: DOJ vs. President Trump


Jordan Sekulow

September 22, 2022

It’s only been 24 hours since Attorney General Letitia James filed her lawsuit and there’s already been a major update in the legal saga of the Biden Justice Department and former President Donald Trump.

As reported last night:

A three-judge appeals court panel has granted the Justice Department’s request to block aspects of U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling that delayed a criminal investigation into highly sensitive documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

My dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, broke down exactly what transpired at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday:

So here’s what happened, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit – including two appointees of President Trump that were appellate court judges – ruled that there was no basis to put a Special Master in place, thus clearing the way for the Justice Department, through the FBI, to continue their review of the documents and allowing those documents to be shared with the investigators. And as far as whether a document is privileged or not, the 11th Circuit said you’re going to have to rely on the Justice Department to do this.

Now I think what’s happening is a number of things, look, . . . when you’ve got a multijurisdictional situation, which is what the former President has right now, it’s multijurisdictional. You’ve got litigation in the state courts of New York. You’ve got a criminal case being tried on October 24th in Manhattan by the New York DA’s office against the Trump organization. So that criminal case is going to trial. You have now the civil fraud suit being brought by the Attorney General in New York. You have at least two, maybe three grand juries going in Washington D.C., and then you have the situation with the warrant in Florida.

So what does that all mean? It means that you need to have legal teams dedicated to each one of those tasks, and then some lawyer needs to be in charge. What we did was, we had a team that was handling New York matters – when Jordan and I were involved – we had a team that was handling New York matters, . . . and some of our folks handling the Mueller issues. And then we had a team that was handling tax issues. And then what we made sure was that all those trains stayed on the track, so-to-speak, and they didn’t collide into each other. And I think what you’ve got right now is, it was so long for them to react, it took three weeks from the search warrant to the execution of legal action. That passage of time did not go to the former President’s benefit. And I think that’s where they’re suffering legally right now.

So in other words the Biden DOJ has now gotten the ruling blocked of the federal judge who appointed the Special Master after the inappropriate handling of the documents by the FBI in the first place. You really should be asking yourself, why are they fighting this so hard? They know what they have. Why don’t they want the rest of us to know? Is it because they took private, privileged documents that belong to President Trump that they have no right to view, let alone remove and they don’t want to be exposed for their corruption? Who’s to say?

Meanwhile, as the Biden Administration remains focused on the guy who hasn’t been in office for two years, the stock market is plummeting, inflation continues to rise, along with increases in energy costs that are really going to hurt countless American families in the coming months. And we’ve seen NO demonstrable solutions from the Biden White House. Many Americans are worried about feeding their own children this winter. But the Biden DOJ circus continues.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes even further in-depth analysis of this latest move against President Trump by the Biden DOJ. We are also joined by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn to discuss what she’s hearing from real American voters regarding this crippling inflation. And ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joins us to discuss the latest in Russia’s war on Ukraine, and how it is affecting the rest of the world.

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