Trump Raid Affidavit UNSEALED as Mark Zuckerberg Admits To FBI Pressure to Censor Hunter Biden Story


Jay Sekulow

August 26, 2022

A judge has issued an official order to unseal the affidavit that led to the warrant allowing the FBI to raid President Trump’s personal residence in Florida. Today our team reviewed it live on air and let you know what it says, what it means, and what to expect.

Meanwhile the news came right on the heels of other revelations involving the Deep State FBI, including the FBI’s attempt to stifle the truth about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday and essentially revealed a smoking gun.

Rogan, himself no stranger to being censored for views that stray from those of the radical Left, asked Zuckerberg if Facebook had intentionally censored or blocked stories about Hunter Biden and the laptop controversy. Zuckerberg explained that Facebook’s actions were in response to a direct request of the FBI

So we took a different path than Twitter. I mean, basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us, some folks on our team, and was like, hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. We thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. We have been on notice that basically there is about to be some kind of dump that’s similar to that, so just be vigilant.

So according to Mark Zuckerberg, the FBI put pressure on Facebook, scaring them into believing that they had helped facilitate this so-called Russian propaganda before and they should be careful not to let anything like that happen again. This is the same FBI that created the whole Crossfire Hurricane dustup, because they supposedly don’t like political interference, and put pressure on Facebook to censor posts about Hunter Biden – thereby interfering in the 2020 election themselves.

We’re approaching another critical election this November, and this kind of manipulation and corruption has to be exposed and nipped in the bud right now. American voters need to see exactly what the Biden Administration is really up to behind the scenes. That’s why, live on air, I instructed our ACLJ Government Oversight team to prepare a new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) right now to demand all records from the Biden Administration regarding the FBI approaching Facebook and other social media platforms and pressuring them to censor posts about President Biden’s son. We will be filing this FOIA on Monday. Now that even Mark Zuckerberg is coming forward as a whistleblower against the Deep State FBI, it’s time to act, and act swiftly.

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs (and former U.S. Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo joined the broadcast to discuss the FBI situation.

It’s outrageous, Jay. It is both unexplainable and a one-way ratchet against conservative ideas when the FBI begins to engage in this kind of activity. Don’t forget it wasn’t just the FBI. You had former FBI officials, former Intelligence officials, all putting out a statement at that same time saying it looks  like Russian disinformation to us. And they were all wrong, Jay. And when they’re wrong, they say, well, we all make mistakes. Fair enough. But they are wrong in the same direction every time. They’re wrong about the search warrant down in Mar-a-Lago. They were wrong about going after teachers. They’re wrong about going after conservative groups at the IRS. Our government now has begun to behave in a way that is deeply disconnected from the central theory of equal justice for all. And I think what you saw here between the FBI and Facebook, pulling down important information for the American people to know about, just a handful of days before the election is just one more symptom of how broken it actually is.

I asked Sec. Pompeo how he thinks we got to the point where this is how the FBI spends its precious time that it should be using to keep us safe:

You’ve got exactly the right question. This is the argument for separating the intelligence function of the FBI from its law enforcement function. I think it is something that ought to be looked at. The FBI has historically been aimed at gathering facts and picking up bad guys. And that ought to be what we’re spending our taxpayer money on. There are great FBI officers out there doing that every day but when they begin to get involved in this political game, in this process involving this most fundamental thing – American elections – this is a place the FBI ought not to go. It is dangerous. And you know the other thing I haven’t seen? I haven’t seen anybody say, my bad. I haven’t seen anybody even acknowledge, whether it was the Russia hoax or now this, that they made a mistake. Because I sadly believe that the political leadership at the FBI, and the Justice Department, doesn’t think they made a mistake. I think they think what they did was ok, and the fact that this may well have had an impact on voters’ information as they went to the polls in November of 2020, I think they think, well, you know, we were just doing what it is we were supposed to do, but we can all see that it is simply not true.

As we discussed the Zuckerberg bombshell about the FBI, the affidavit on the Mar-a-Lago raid was released, and the government website promptly crashed. As my son Logan Sekulow brought up, we’re nearing the end of 2022 and the DOJ still doesn’t have the computer technology necessary to post an important document for public viewing. Maybe the IRS can lend the DOJ some of that $80 BILLION it’s getting through the Inflation Reduction Act so it can buy new computers with more server capacity.

As we expected, the affidavit leading to the raid on President Trump’s home was heavily redacted. We went through it in the final 30 minutes of the show, but at first glance, it appears to be about documents, again, as we suspected. It also appeared as if we had gotten more useful information out of Mark Zuckerberg about the FBI than we did from this legal document. As my son Logan said, printing this document was a waste of toner.

In fact, the more we read through the document, the less it seems about President Trump and more just about 15 boxes of classified documents – which President Trump had access to – and “Executive Branch employees.” If there’s anything truly damning, so far it looks like it was redacted. And as Logan speculated, if that really is the case, that this whole raid fiasco was about pieces of paper not even directly connected to the former President, people will be very upset, and rightly so.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more in-depth analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s telling admission about the FBI, as well as live review of the DOJ affidavit.

Watch the full broadcast below: