President Biden and the radical Left are weaponizing the most feared and powerful federal bureaucracy – the IRS – to snoop on your bank account.

Now, the Biden Administration is actually pushing the IRS to demand your biometric facial recognition data. It’s a Deep State nightmare.

President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and the Left in Congress have proposed legislation that would let the IRS dig into your bank account if you spend more than $10,000, cumulatively, in a year. Food, groceries, gas, mortgage, car payments, all of it add up. So, yes, the IRS would have the power to spy on nearly EVERY American – without probable cause, without a warrant, without ANY reason whatsoever.

Do you tithe? Do you support conservative causes? Do you spend your money the way the woke cancel culture wants you to? President Biden wants to see it all.

That’s blatantly unconstitutional. And we know what the IRS will do with unconstitutional power – target Christians, shut down conservatives, audit and harass you into oblivion.

At the ACLJ, we have resoundingly defeated the IRS before. After we finished with the IRS in court, the Washington Post said: “They’ve been burned. They’ve been hammered. They’ve been bludgeoned.” We’ll do it again.

We just testified before Members of the House Ways and Means Committee against this bill. We’ve already filed a FOIA lawsuit against the IRS this year, and we’re ready to go to court to stop this new bill. But right now, we need you to tell Congress NO.

Petition To Stop President Biden’s IRS From Spying on You and Your Bank Account

Stop Biden IRS From Spying on You and Your Bank Account

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