Special Counsel Durham Drops Clinton-Russia Bombshell


Jordan Sekulow

February 14

On Friday evening, Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation revealed a shocking new bombshell. His court filings showed allegations of a Clinton campaign attorney – Michael Sussmann – utilizing a technology company to "exploit[]" data pertaining to then-candidate Donald Trump’s servers in Trump Tower. Sussmann continued this spying when Donald Trump became President and even “exploited” data pertaining to White House servers to try to gather data that would push the narrative of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

In fact, Durham's legal filing specifically found that a tech company working on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign “exploited” data pertaining to servers inside the White House and Trump Tower to mine data “for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump” and “establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia.”

Back in October of 2016, then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton quickly leaped onto this rumor to try a last-minute effort to win the election when she tweeted:

Computer Scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.

None of this was ever verified. In fact, it now looks like it may have been Clinton who hired a tech company and lawyers to create this false narrative.

In Special Counsel Durham’s court filing, he details how Clinton Campaign lawyers and tech firms, were working behind the scenes to “exploit[]” data pertaining to servers in Trump Tower and the Executive Office of the President inside the White House to create the Russia Hoax and then how a Clinton Campaign lawyer met with then-FBI Director James Comey’s General Counsel, James Baker, and used this false narrative to push for an investigation of President Trump. Durham’s court filing further laid out what this data mining was actually used for:

Tech Executive-1 and his associates exploited this arrangement by mining the [Executive Office of the President] EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.

ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchison agreed with those findings:

In essence, what we have in my opinion, is collusion. Basically, a conspiracy to create the inference that Donald Trump was doing something wrong. And this conspiracy arguably includes well-known suspects including Sussmann, who is essentially related to the Clinton campaign, possibly Mark Elias, Sally Yates, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Hillary Clinton, Jim Baker, and others at the FBI. The key question is why did they proceed on the basis of this information?

The FBI continued to investigate Donald Trump even after he was the sitting President of the United States. Former FBI Director James Comey even circumvented protocols to do so. He admitted this on an MSNBC interview when asked about sending FBI agents into the White House:

I sent them. Something we’ve . . . I probably wouldn’t have done or maybe gotten away with in . . . a more organized Administration. In the George W. Bush Administration . . . or the Obama Administration . . . . In both of those Administrations, there was process. So, if the FBI wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the White House counsel and there would be discussions and approvals and it would be there. I thought, it’s early enough; let’s just send a couple of guys over.

ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou summed up why he believed James Comey would do this:

James Comey had an agenda. And his agenda was to bring down Donald Trump. Whether it was as candidate or subsequently as President, as Director of the FBI, he had an agenda to bring down the President of the United States because he hated him and he was against him and his policies, and he was determined to do everything he could – including lying . . . and cheating and not disclosing relevant information to us or to Mueller.

We’ve seen this type of FBI corruption before. ACLJ Chief Counsel and my dad Jay Sekulow explained what the ACLJ is going to do about all of this: 

Now, we’ve got a federal lawsuit that we filed on behalf of the American Center for Law and Justice — which means all of you — against the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about them sending FBI agents over, violating all of these protocols. But this is just the beginning of what we are finding out on the Sussman matter, and it doesn’t get better with age here, that’s the problem.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the investigation findings of John Durham that reveal a Clinton campaign attorney reportedly spying on the Trump campaign and presidency.

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