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Case closed.

Today on the broadcast, I gave you my analysis on the on the Mueller hearings. I shared what I believe is the reality of what transpired.

I gave you my analysis of exactly what took place and what I believe is the reality of what we saw this week, as well as I why I say without any hesitation that this case is closed.

The Mueller hearing was the Left’s best attempt, to try to breathe life into the Mueller report, and they failed because it’s just not there. It’s very hard to defend the indefensible. That report was indefensible. It was clear Bob Mueller didn’t even write it.

We also know the report and Mueller’s testimony were inconsistent from the start. The media went off on the collusion issue, making statements to the effect that even though the investigation didn’t find evidence of conspiracy, they never said there wasn’t collusion.

But, actually yes, they did address collusion. The Mueller report itself says that it views collusion and conspiracy as the same thing. Something even Mueller was unaware was in his report when he was questioned about it.

Maybe one of the most telling moments in the hearing was when Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) tried to get Mueller to say the President committed a crime, then asked if the reason he didn’t bring charges against President Trump was because you can’t indict a sitting President. Mueller initially answered “correct” but then had to walk his own answer back, admitting:

"As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime."

Mueller went on to say: “we did not make any determination with regard to culpability in any way.” 

We told you these proceedings were a disaster for the Left and for Bob Mueller. By allowing this to go forward, the Left actually handed conservatives a huge win.

Now Dems are scrambling to decide how to proceed. Some are still trying to push impeachment, even though there is no there there to back it up. Even Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told CNN yesterday that impeachment is not the way to proceed:

“Should we put the country through an impeachment? I have not been convinced we should.”

There’s no high crime or misdemeanor. Move on. Do your jobs and work on something important like the surging crisis at our southern border.

As I said before, this case is closed.

You can listen to the full episode here.

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