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An ex-FBI lawyer is expected to plead guilty in the Durham Investigation.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live/The Logan Sekulow ReProgram, we talked about how U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into FBI corruption in the Russia probe is now bearing fruit. Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer, is expected to plead guilty.

Clinesmith was the FBI lawyer who has been accused of altering an email that was used in order to get a reauthorization of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on an American citizen.

This is big news, just coming out before we went live on the broadcast. It was rumored that there was news out of the Department of Justice regarding the Durham Investigation that was going to come out today. Last night on Fox News’ Hannity, Attorney General Bill Barr hinted at the news when he made a statement that there is going to be a development in the Durham Investigation. Here’s what Attorney General Barr said last night:

What's dictating the timing of this are developments in the case. And there will be developments. Tomorrow, there will be a development in the case. You know, it's not an earth-shattering development, but it is an indication that things are moving along at the proper pace, as dictated by the facts in this investigation.

My co-host, Will Haynes, explained:

It’s also an indication that whatever was going to come out today wasn’t the end of the investigation. It’s just showing that things are moving along.

Now, this is what just broke before we went on-air. Kevin Clinesmith, he’s a former FBI lawyer. He was assigned to the Russia Investigation, and we’ve talked about him a lot of times on this broadcast because he’s the guy that altered an email from the CIA that was saying that they had had contact with Carter Page and used his information. He altered that to say that he was not a source for the CIA, then used that email in a FISA filing, and signed off on that. It helped get a reapplication and a reauthorization of a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

The end goal of all this, and the end goal of the investigation, is justice. It’s to expose what actions were taken against President Trump’s 2016 campaign and his Administration, if there were any violations of law, and to hold those responsible accountable.

We know that the source of the Russia Probe did not happen by accident. And when these kinds of admissions happen, they prove that.

As Will further explained:

This is the first action, public action rather, out of the Durham Investigation. Kevin Clinesmith is expected to plead guilty to one count of a felony false statement. And what it also could be an indication of is that potentially, if he’s making this plea deal, is he working and cooperating with investigators on other things?

Are the dominoes about to fall? I think, likely, that’s what’s coming. That’s what was inferred yesterday by Attorney General Bill Barr, and I think that this is step one.

The full broadcast includes much more discussion about the Kevin Clinesmith plea deal, what could come out of the Durham Investigation, and a really important conversation about what should and should not matter to conservative Christians when determining their vote.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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