“I think there was spying.”

These words by the then-Attorney General should send shockwaves through America.

American citizens – and even possibly a political campaign – were spied on, and the only question is whether it was “adequately predicated.” In other words, was proper procedure followed, or was there rampant political bias and Deep State abuse of our legal system?

We’ve long warned of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) abuses by the Deep State bureaucracy. We’ve been fully engaged in multiple federal court cases – uncovering numerous abuses and political bias at the top levels of the FBI, DOJ, and other senior officials from the Obama and Biden Administrations.

The Inspector General’s report was shocking, and the then-Attorney General appointed a Special Counsel who is still investigating "spying" on American citizens and potential politically biased abuse of power by the Deep State. The Special Counsel's court filings now show that the Clinton campaign hired a tech company and lawyers to "exploit[]" data pertaining to Trump Tower and White House servers in order to create the Russia Hoax.

At the ACLJ, we’re fighting in court against these Deep State abuses. Take action with us.

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Investigate Deep State Spying on Political Enemies

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