Incapable IRS Sends Bizarre Warning to Every American


Jay Sekulow

January 11, 2022

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning Americans to get their tax returns in early before the deadline of April 18th. Why? The IRS is behind in processing millions of returns. There are six million unprocessed individual returns, and at the start of January, they still have two million unprocessed amended tax returns from last year. At the end of the last filing season, there were more than 35 million total unprocessed returns.

The IRS’s lack of ability to process tax returns lets us know that they cannot do their job. For a decade now I’ve been saying that the IRS is institutionally incapable of self-correction.

But what is Congress doing about it? Throwing more money at the problem. ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett explained where this is legislatively:

They are trying to give $80 billion to the IRS in Build Back Better, and they are also trying . . . to bring back the Lois Lerner rule, which would outright allow the targeting of conservatives and others that the IRS are against. Look, I kind of boil it down to these two things. If I had my policy prescription druthers, I would actually like to see the IRS’s clout and responsibility be drawn way down. I think they have shown they are incapable of this responsibility. We should simplify the tax code and take some responsibility away. . . . While they have this authority, let me tell you what would enable them to upgrade their systems. They could actually probably get more money out of this Congress if they weren’t using the money that they were already being given to conduct that targeting. When they come to Congress right now and they ask for $80 billion, do you know what Republicans and some Democrats say in response? “Why did you use the last tens of millions of dollars that we gave you to target American citizens? Why don’t you use that to do your job? And when you do that, why don’t you come back and ask for more and maybe we can talk.”

The IRS claims they need more money to do their job. Yet, they have been caught time and time again using their current resources to target conservatives, even with our court order in place. ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchison explained how the IRS is institutionally incapable of fixing itself:

I don’t think the IRS has learned the lesson of history. If you look at enforcement, interference, intimidation, espionage, and if you multiply that by incompetence, that is an apt description of the IRS in the 21st century. They resist change, but then now they want to expand their remit from the American people by being able to target conservatives and other individuals tied to a so-called bogus democratic voting rights bill. Given the fact that the Democrats for instance have majored in voter suppression and mayhem that basically transformed U.S. history for 50-70 years. I think it’s very imperative for the American people to get engaged and to oppose this initiative that Joe Biden is going to advance in Georgia today. And also, to oppose the incompetence of the IRS all the way down.

President Biden is traveling to Georgia today to try to pass new voting rights rules. Georgia Congressman Rick Allen (GA-12), who took the lead in defending the Election Integrity Act of 2021 which is designed to protect the integrity of our elections, joined Sekulow to discuss the law:

Well, here’s the deal. The Biden Administration Democrats continue attacking Georgia’s election law because they want to federalize elections. They want Georgia’s laws to look like California and New York. Their claim that Georgia’s bill will suppress voters . . . let me give you an example, we had a city municipal election in the City of Atlanta in November under the new law, and turnout rose from 17%. In fact, it is easier to vote in Georgia than the President’s home state of Delaware. The Democrats want every state’s elections to look like New York and California, but I can tell you, that’s not main street Georgia.

Congressman Allen summed up how this is all a waste of time for the Senate:

We’ll let me tell you this. The Senate is over there wasting a lot of time on trying to ram this . . . federal takeover of elections down the American people’s throats. Let me tell you something, you don’t think the states are going to sue the federal government if they pass that law and the President signs it? Then it’s going to go to the Supreme Court, and I think the Supreme Court is going to uphold the Constitution. So, what they have done is they have wasted all this time and beaten Senators Joe Machin and Sinema up and they have accomplished nothing. And we have big problems in this country that need to be dealt with.  They are ignoring the problems and trying to ram this down our throats because they want every state to look like California and New York.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the IRS’s new warning.

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