Full Timeline & Breakdown of Uncovered Lynch-Clinton Emails



August 9, 2017

The following is a timeline of the key emails uncovered by the ACLJ during its investigation of the clandestine meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton in the middle of the ongoing criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton over her email scandal.

The full document production, including the still redacted talking points can be found here. The full FBI document production can be found here

In the timeline below, corresponding page numbers have been added in brackets to the actual emails in the full document production.

June 28, 2016

Email Chain: “Bill Clinton meeting?”

  • 1:14pm – Mike Levine (ABC News) to Melanie Newman (Director of DOJ Office for Public Affairs) (OPA)
    • Content: “Hey guys, wanted to address something ASAP…Apparently our affiliate in Phoenix is hearing that the AG met with Bill Clinton on a plane last night for close to an hour. They seem to think it’s somehow connected to the Benghazi report released today (I’m not sure what the connection would be). But hoping I can provide them some guidance ASAP. Thanks.”
    • Context: First media request about Clinton/Lynch Meeting.
  • 1:15pm – Newman (OPA) forwards ABC email to Carolyn Pokorny (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch) (OAG) and Kevin Lewis (Press Secretary for DOJ to AG Lynch) (OPA)
    • Content: “We need to talk. I’m on cell (redacted (b)(6))”
    • Context: Based on the time zone, Pokorny and Lewis appear to have been with the AG.
    • Note: Email sent to senior OAG officials within 1 min of story breaking.
  • 1:16pm (10:15 AM PST) – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA).
    • Content: “+Matt. I’m free. I will get a conference line.”
    • Note: Within 2 min, Matthew Axlerod (ODAG), the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (#2 to DAG Yates), was added to the conversation. His current bio states that he “took the lead in advising on crisis management within the DOJ, working closely with the White House, Congress, the FBI, and the media on DOJ’s most sensitive and high-profile matters.
  • 1:17pm – Newman (OPA) to Levine (ABC)
    • Content: “What’s your number?”
  • 1:17PM – Pokorny (OAG) Emails
    • Content: “Dial-in: (Redacted (b)(6)). Passcode: (Redacted (b)(6)).”
  • 1:18pm: – Lewis (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “+SF and Uma”
    • Context: This denotes that at this time, Shirlethia Franklin (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch) (OAG) and Uma Amuluru (Counselor to the AG) (OAG) were added to the conversation.
  • 1:20PM – Shirlethia Franklin (OAG) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Newman (OPA), Mathew Axelrod (Associate Deputy AG to AG Sally Yates) (ODAG), and Amuluru (OAG)
  • 1:22PM – Shirlethia Franklin (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (Security Management Division) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (LV) (FBI) [FBI-12]
    • Content: “FYI – stepping out to deal with this.” (Forwards original email chain: “Re: Bill Clinton meeting?” from 1:14PM–1:18PM) [FBI-13]
    • Note: This means the FBI learned about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting just before the first DOJ conference call on the matter.
    • Note: This was not produced by the DOJ in response to the ACLJ’s FOIA request despite saying they produced everything. In other words, they lied to us.
    • Content: “I can step out and hop on a call. Is there a conference line?”
  • 1:24pm: – Levine (ABC) emails Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Are you in your office? I can [come] by in like 15 or so.”
  • 1:25PM – Lewis (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “I need to stay at the event right now because press is here. The press avail starts in about 40 minutes.”
  • 1:25PM – Franklin (OAG) Emails
    • Content: “Kevin – I’ll fill you in. Shirlethia.”
  • 1:26PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Same”
  • 1:29pm: – Newman (OPA) to Levine (ABC)
    • Content: “I’m not but heading back. I’ll call you.”
  • 1:32PM: Levine (ABC) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Sounds good thx.”
  • 1:44PM – Newman (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “Adding Peter to this chain for review. Peter – feel free to call me to discuss. 202-305-1920. Draft Statement: (Redacted(b)(5))”
  • 1:51pm: – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Peter Kadzik (Assistant AG for the Office of Legislative Affairs) (OLA), Paige Herwig (Counselor to the AG) (OAG)
    • Content: “Suggested edits from me, Paige [Herwig] and OLA: (Redacted (b)(6))”
    • Note: Paige Herwig now Deputy General Counsel to Sen. Feinstein, ranking member on Senate Judiciary Committee, which is now investigating this matter.
  • 1:51PM – Franklin (OAG) to Newman (OPA) ccing Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA)
    • Content: “Thanks, Melanie. Will show this to the AG now. Can you also prepare a couple TPs for the press avail?”
  • 1:54pm – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA), and Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “Same as last email; suggested edits and clean version below to show the AG: (Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 1:54PM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 1:55PM – Newman (OPA) to Franklin (OAG) ccing Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(6))”
  • 1:58PM – Pokorny (OPA) to Newman (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG), Denise Cheung (Counselor to the AG) (OAG)
    • Content: “+Denise. Others are requesting that edit as well, but I am happy to discuss.”
    • Context: Cheung added to email chain.
  • 2:00PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “Melanie: (Redacted (b)(5)) CP.”
  • 2:02PM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5)).”
  • 2:03PM – Kadzik (OLA) to Pokorny (OAG), Newman (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Herwig (OAG), Cheung (OAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5)).”
  • 2:04PM – Newman (OPA) to Kadzik (OLA),Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Herwig (OAG), Cheung (OAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5)) Can we hop on a call?”
  • 2:10PM – Kadzik (OLA) to Newman (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Axelrod (ODAG), Herwig (OAG), Cheung (OAG)
    • Content: “OK here.”
    • Context: Final Email in “Bill Clinton meeting?” chain.

Email Chain: “talking points for AG’s media avail”

  • 2:35PM – Newman (OPA) to Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5)).”
    • Context: Only Email in “talking points for AG’s media avail” Chain.

*Email Chain: “DRAFT: Statement/Talking Points”

  • 2:40PM – Newman (OPA) to Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Kadzik (OLA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 2:41PM – Newman (OPA) to Elizabeth Carlisle (ecarlisle@jmd.usdoj.gov) (AG Lynch’s secret email alias)
    • Content: (Blank)
    • Note: First Email to AG Lynch
  • *3:00PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Edited v. 2: (Redacted (b)(5))”
  • *3:05PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA) & Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Cheung (OAG)
    • Content: “+Peter, Page & Denise.”
    • Note: Herwig Added in to Strategize Talking Points Again. This time with AG.
  • 3:07PM – Kadzik (OLA) to Newman (OPA) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
    • Note: Brought Axelrod back in.
  • 3:20PM – Newman (OPA) to Kadzik (OLA) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), and Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Works for me. Edits reflected below to address your point, as well as additional from folks on the ground. Please send edits in the next 10 minutes. Thank you.”
  • 3:22PM – Herwig (OAG) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Minor point: in the actual statement, can we spell out ‘former Attorney General Janet Reno’ (vs ‘AG Reno’)?”
  • 3:23PM – Newman (OPA) to Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “Yes.”
  • 3:33PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA) & Kadzik (OLA) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
    • Context: Likely Pokorny’s edits to the talking points for AG Lynch.
  • 3:35PM – Kadzik (OLA) to Newman (OPA) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 3:37PM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG), Kadzik (OLA) ccing Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Edited to include Peter’s comment as well. Also cleaned up Carolyn’s edits a little to make it less clunky. Any further comments? I would like to close this for the AG to use NOW. Thanks. (Redacted (b)(5)).”
  • 3:38PM – Pokorny (OAG) Emails
    • Content: “None from me.”
  • 3:41PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Is there an extra quote mark before the second paragraph?”
  • 3:42PM – Newman (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “Hold please”
  • 3:42PM – Franklin (OAG) to Pokorny (OAG) ccing Newman (OPA), Kadzik (OLA), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “No additional changes. Will print this version. Thanks much!”
  • 3:43PM – Franklin (OAG) to Newman (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Will do. If you wouldn’t mind sending in a Word document, that would be great. Thanks.”
  • 3:44PM – Newman (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “See attached. Thanks.”
  • 3:45PM – Franklin (OAG) to Newman (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Thanks, all!”
  • 3:45PM – Kadzik (OLA) to Pokorny (OAG) ccing Newman (OPA) Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “Good here”
  • 3:46PM – Newman (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “Thanks all!”
  • 3:48PM – Newman (OPA) to Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “No – that’s proper for a two-paragraph quote.”
    • Context: In response to Amuluru’s question about a quote mark at 3:41PM.
  • 3:49PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Ok thanks!”
  • 4:09PM – Franklin (OAG) Emails
    • Content: “The quest was just asked at the press avail. Local reporters noted that  ‘sources say’ that the AG met with former President Bill Clinton last night and asked whether Benghazi was discussed. The AG stuck to the talking points. She also received a question about whether POTUS’ support of Hillary Clinton has any impact on the Department’s investigation, (Redacted (b)(5)). Melanie, as previously discussed, is the plan to now issue the statement.
  • 4:10PM – Axelrod (ODAG) Emails
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 4:15PM – Lewis (OPA) to Axelrod (ODAG) ccing Franklin (OAG), Newman (OPA), Kadzik (OLA), Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “We didn’t get any follow up (Redacted (b)(5)) Our justice reporter didn’t follow up either.”
  • 4:16PM – Newman (OPA) to Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5)) I am holding for now.”
    • Context: The decision was made to hold the draft statement, which was apparently never released and is still redacted today.
  • 4:20PM – Franklin (OAG) to Newman (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG)
    • Content: “Mel – can you email the AG to let her know the plan? We’re en route to the next location now, but I’m in the staff van. Thanks.”

*Email Chain: “Talking points/statement”

  • *3:42PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • *3:46PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Franlin (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Final version – Shirlethia is printing now. (Redacted (b)(5)).”
  • *4:41PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “AG Lynch – We are holding on the statement for now. Given that there wasn’t any follow-up in the press avail, (Redacted (b)(5)). We will keep you posted as things develop. Thank you.”
    • Context: Continuing to hold the apparently never-released, but still redacted statement.
  • *4:28PM – Carlisle (AG Lynch) to Newman (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks to all who worked on this. AG.”

Email Chain: “DAG flags?”

  • 4:14PM – Dena Iverson (Press Secretary & Senior Advisor for DOJ) (OPA) Email to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Anything for the DAG? Kev, anything pop up at the press avails today that I should know about? Thanks.”
  • 4:24PM – Lewis (OPA) to Iverson (OPA) ccing Newman (OPA) & Patrick Rodenbush (Public Affairs Specialist at DOJ) (OPA)
    • Content: “Meeting with Press Clinton. We have a statement. Matt is aware. (Redacted (Non-Responsive Record)).”
  • 4:25PM – Iverson (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Newman (OPA) & Rodenbush (OPA)
    • Content: “Thx”
  • 4:25PM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) & Iverson (OPA) ccing Rodenbush (OPA)
    • Content: “Matt has the final statement and I’m sure has been briefing the DAG on that issue.”
    • Context: Axelrod was believed to have been briefing Deputy Attorney General Yates on the matter.

*Email Chain: “Transcripts of AG Lynch’s Q&A from Press Conference Today”

  • *3:42PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(5))”
  • 4:56PM – Olivia Castor (Communications Intern) (OPA) to Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) (x2) ccing Rebecca Stewart (Media Affairs Coordinator & Deputy Press Secretary for AG Lynch) (PAO), James Kelli (Press Assistant) (OPA)
    • Content: “Hello, I’ve attached a copy of the transcript for the Q&A portion of the AG’s press conference to this email, and have included the text below. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be fixed! Best, Olivia. (Transcript of Press Conference).”
  • 5:02PM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “See Below.”
  • 5:03PM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “That’s not the full presser. I ended early so that I could get you the meeting clip.”
  • 5:04PM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “I know. I only wanted to flag the relevant part but didn’t feel a need to highlight it.”
  • 5:06PM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Herwig (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG), Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Please note that this is a partial transcript, but included the question on the meeting.”
  • 7:08PM – Newman (OPA) to Kelli (OPA) & Stewart (PAO) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “See below.”

Email Chain: Praise Phoenix Police Training

  • 9:38PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: (Link to Cronkite News article regarding Lynch’s praise for Phoenix police).

June 29, 2016

Email Chain: Praise Phoenix Police Training

  • 1:02AM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OAG)
    • Content: “The clip I sent early mentioned it: (article by Cronkite News)”
    • Context: This chain began on June 28.
  • 6:33AM – Newman (OPA) to Pokorny (OAG)
    • Content: “I know. I saw this. (Redacted (b)(5)).”

Email Chain: “Transcript from the media avail”

  • 10:26AM – Newman (OPA) to Matthew Dean (Fox News)
    • Content: “Matt, As I mentioned on the phone, this question was asked in yesterday’s media availability in Phoenix. I’ve included the transcript of the one exchange on the topic, as well as a link to the one report that mentions the exchange. (Transcript of the Report)”
  • 10:28AM – Dean (Fox News) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks, Melanie.”

Email Chain: “Transcript of AG Lynch’s Q&A from Press Conference Today”

  • 10:33AM – Newman (OPA) Emails
    • Content: “Kevin – do we have a full recording of the audio or a transcript? Others – did anyone run the full press conference? Can we check TV Eyes?”
  • 10:35AM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA) ccing Castor (OPA), Stewart (PAO), Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “I’ll send audio. It will need to be transcribed. I don’t know that anyone has the full presser online but we should check.”
  • 10:37AM – Castor (OPA) to Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO) & Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “I can transcribe the audio for you!”
  • 10:38AM – Kelli (OPA) to Olivia (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “I’ll check TV eyes.”
  • 11:10AM – Lewis (OPA) to Castor (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO), Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “The file might be too large to email. Please confirm if you receive it.”
  • 11:13AM – Castor (OPA) to Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO) & Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “I received the file. Would you like the transcription to be completed by COB today or earlier?”
  • 2:10PM – Castor (OPA) to Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO) & Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “Hello, I’ve attached a document containing the transcript to this email, and I’ve included the test below. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be corrected. Best, Olivia. (Transcript of June 28th Presser).”
  • 4:20PM – Newman (OPA) to Brandi Hoffine (Assistant White House Press Secretary & Spokeswoman) (EOP/WHO)
    • Content: (Blank)
    • Context: Appears to be either a forward containing the transcript text found in the 2:10PM email by Castor (OPA).
    • Note: Looped in White House (Sent Transcript) with text “Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be corrected.”

Email Chain: “RE: FYI only”

  • 4:04PM – James B.  Comey (FBI Director) to Michael P. Kortan (Assistant Director of the Office of Public Affairs, FBI); James E. Rybicki (Chief of Staff/Senior Counselor to FBI Director Comey); Andrew G. McCabe (Deputy Director, FBI); Bowdich (DO) (FBI) [FBI-1]
    • Content: Link to Fox News Article titled “Why Did Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Meet at Her Airplane in Phoenix.”
  • 4:07PM – David L. Bowdich (Associate Deputy Director, FBI) to Comey (FBI Director) [FBI-1]
    • Content: “Got it, thanks sir, Dave.”

Email Chain: “FLAG”

  • 4:39PM – Newman (OPA) to Richard Quinn (Assistant Special Agent in Charge – Nat. Sec.) (FBI), (Redacted (b)(6), (b)(7)(C) per FBI), Michael Kortan (Assistant Director of the Office of Public Affairs, FBI) (FBI), (Redacted (b)(6), (b)(7)(C) per FBI) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “I want to flag a story that is gaining some traction tonight. Daily Caller, The Hill and FOX News have picked up a local Phoenix news report about a causal, unscheduled meeting between former president Bill Clinton and the AG. It happened on Monday night. Our talkers on this area below, along with the transcript from the AG’s Phoenix presser, where she was asked about this. Happy to discuss further by phone. Please let me know if you get any questions about this. Thanks. (Transcript of Presser with Redactions).”
    • Context: Sent the FBI the still-redacted talking points.
  • 4:55PM – Quinn (FBI) to Newman (OPA), Kortan (FBI) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Copy/thanks Melanie.”

Email Chain: “From DOJ…”

  • 4:42PM – Kortan (FBI) to McCabe (FBI); Rybicki (FBI); Bowdich (FBI) ccing Comey (FBI) [FBI-2]
    • Content: Forwarding Email Chain titled “FLAG” sent at 4:39PM

Email Chain: “Everyone asking me about this Lynch/Clinton meeting”

  • 5:19PM – Paula Reid (CBS News) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “What say you?”

Email Chain: “DAG Flags?”

  • 5:22PM – Iverson (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Anything form the AG’s events today I need to know about? Thanks”
  • 5:28PM – Newman (OPA) to Iverson (OPA)
    • Content: “News in Clinton meeting is breaking. CBS News is also picking it up, in addition to FOX.”
  • 5:33PM – Iverson (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thx”
  • 5:38PM – Iverson (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “I’m in wrap up now but I have something to flag for you if you have a minute to hop on the phone around 6.”
  • 5:41PM – Newman (OPA) to Iverson (OPA)
    • Content: “Yes. Call my cell.”
  • 6:26PM – Iverson (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Just tried you back, I’m on my cell.”

Email Chain: “LA Press Copy”

  • 6:33PM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Clinton q is in here. Please confirm receipt. Need transcribed.”
    • Context: Might include others but not clear from text.
  • 6:34PM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO), Kelli (OPA), Anthony Juarez (Press Assistant) (OPA)
    • Content: “Got it, Let’s get the Clinton q transcribed ASAP.”
  • 6:37PM – Stewart (PAO) Email
    • Content: “Copy that! Transcribing now. Also, just sent one more short clip from FOX. Will switch back to clips after the transcript.”
    • Context: Likely sent to Newman (OPA) but unclear who else exactly.
  • 6:49PM – Kelli (OPA) to Stewart (PAO) ccing Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), and Juarez (OPA)
    • Content: (Transcript of LA Press Conference)
  • 6:50PM – Stewart (PAO) to Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “I’ll have the full transcript of the audio file shortly.”
  • 6:53PM – Kelli (OPA) to Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “I’m about to be in my career [sic] but I should be seated around 7:30 if anything else comes up! Thanks so much!”
    • Context: Looks like a forward of the emails regarding the “LA Press Copy.”

*Email Chain: “DRAFT: Statement/Talking Points”

  • 10:31AM – Newman (OPA) to Axelord (ODAG) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG), Kadzik (OLA)
    • Content: “I sent the transcript and link to the news clip to the Fox Producer. He had already tracked down the video from the presser. He actually thinks they may not run anything on it today but will keep me posted. He doesn’t think its news. I also talked to the ABC producer, who noted that they aren’t interested, even if Fox runs with it. Given this, we are still holding.”
    • Note: Clear Media-Gov Collusion
    • Context: Indicates that DOJ continued to hold the (now redacted) statement, which appears to have never been released to the public.
  • 4:03PM – Newman (OPA) to Axelrod (ODAG) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Amuluru (OAG), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “Fox just called to say that O’Reilly, Greta, and Special Report with Bret Baier will report on this tonight. Also, Fox will have a reporter at the LA presser and this will ask about it. Peter – OLA is going to get questions about this and I think the talking points we drafted will be useful for your purposes. (Redacted (b)(5)). We will monitor the press avail, if any local stations pick it up live but Kevin, please send us audio as soon as you can.”
  • 4:30PM – Kadizk (OLA) to Newman (OPA); Axelrod (ODAG) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: (Article on Lynch-Clinton Meeting)
  • 4:34PM – Newman (OPA) to Kadzik (OLA), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), Herwig (OAG)
    • Content: “I’m going to flag this for FBI public affairs.”

Email Chain: “Transcript of AG Lynch’s Q&A from Press conference in AZ Yesterday (6/28)

  • 5:30PM – Newman (OPA) to Reid (CBS News)
    • Content: “See the fourth question below.”
    • Context: Referencing the following question in the transcript: “Sources say that you met last night with former president Bill Clinton. Did the topic of Benghazi come up at all, or can you tell us what was discussed.”
  • 5:56PM – Newman (OPA) to Devlin Barrett (WSJ)
    • Content: (Just Sends the Transcript)
    • Context: In response to “bill clinton meeting” email by Devlin at 5:52PM.

Email Chain: “bill clinton meeting”

  • 5:52PM –Barrett (WSJ) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hiya, Are you guys saying anything more re: the bill clinton meeting in Phoenix? Watched the video of the presser where she talked about it.”

Email Chain: “can you hear this word”

  • 7:21PM – Stewart (PAO) to David Jacobs (Deputy Press Secretary & Spokesman for the Civil Rights Division) (OPA)
    • Content: “Can you hear what she’s saying around 2 min mark? I highlighted the blank space in the attached doc. (Part of LA Presser Transcript Below).”
  • 7:38PM –Jacobs (OPA) to Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: (Blank) (Includes Attachment of the LA Presser)

Email Chain: “AG LA Q&A Transcript – Last Two Questions”

  • 7:43PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA) ccing Kelli (OPA), Jacobs (OPA)
    • Content: (Transcript of Last Two Questions of LA Press Conference)

Email Chain: “AG and Bill Clinton”

  • 8:14PM – Carrie Johnson to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Are you saying any more about this beyond statements in Phoenix at press conf? An awful appearance problem.”
  • 8:27PM – Newman (OPA) to Johnson (NPR)
    • Content: “Nothing beyond statement at presser. Feel free to call my cell. (Redacted (b)(6)).”
  • 8:56PM – Newman (OPA) to Johnson ccing Kevin Lewis (OPA) & Iverson (OPA)
    • Content: (Transcript of Presser)

Email Chain: “AG’s meeting with Bill Clinton?”

  • 9:06PM – Matt Zapotosky (WaPo) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Hey Kevin – Writing a short post about the attorney general’s meeting with Former President Clinton, which I’m sure you know is getting pretty wide pickup. I see she addressed it at a presser in Arizona and said they talked about personal stuff (and not any active cases), but is there any other context I should know? Any statement from you or any background you can give? I’m at (Redacted (b)(6)) if you can call. Best, Matt Zapotosky.”
    • Context: Zapotosky apparently never got a response to this email and went on to write a piece and noted there was no comment by the DOJ. Melanie Newman later scolds him for saying that and for not emailing her and asks him to remove that line. Zapotosky is the one who tells Melanie that he want to “put it to rest.”

Email Chain: “Who did you email for comment for this story? And why not reach out to me?”

  • 8:24PM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “FYI” (forward messages from Zapotosky)
  • 11:20PM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo)
    • Content: “Attorney general meets former president Clinton amid politically charged investigation into his wife’s email – The Washington Post (link to article).”
  • 11:21PM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Kevin, Isn’t he with her? Do you have a comment? I can update.”
  • 11:23PM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo)
    • Content: “He is with her but he is staffing her, which means he’s not always available. You could have called me before reporting a no comment. I have been sending everyone the full transcript from yesterday and today’s press conferences, where she addressed this. No additional comment needed when you have her on the record. Happy to forward along.”
  • 11:25PM –Zapotosky (WaPo) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Oh sure send along. I just figured he’d be better since he was with her (and on west coast time). I did say in graph 2 she acknowledged publicly and quoted her (there’s all sorts of presser video out there).”
  • 11:27PM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks.” (Transcript of Presser Sent)
  • 11:29PM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo)
    • Content: “All the video out there is edited for TV, which is why I’ve been sending the transcript. I would have also been happy to discuss by phone earlier. (Redacted (b)(6)). It would be much appreciated if you removed the “spox did not return calls for comment.”
  • 11:37PM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “I updated the last graph to take that out, reflect that you willingly provided transcripts and added a bit about career prosecutors. Thanks for reaching out – next time I’ll get at you directly. Again, just figured since Kevin was with her and operating there hours earlier than us he’d be better in this case.”
  • 11:38PM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo)
    • Content: “Really appreciate it. Thanks.
  • 11:45PM – Newman (OPA) Froward to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Story has been updated.”
  • 11:47PM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “My fault on missing this. I did a search. I don’t have anything else in my inbox about this inquiry.”
  • 11:48PM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman)
    • Content: “Thanks.”

Email Chain: “TV Clips: AG Community Policing Trip to LA”

  • 6: 24PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA) & Lewis (OPA) ccing Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: (Fox Article on LA Press Conference)
  • 6:37PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA) & Lewis (OPA) ccing Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: (Fox Article on LA Press Conference)
  • 7:56PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA) & Lewis (OPA) ccing Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “There are more TV clips up – looks like all or most are FOX/Clinton – working on transcripts now.”
  • 8:00PM – Kelli (OPA) to Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “Feel free to send me links to transcribe.”
  • 8:11PM – Stewart (PAO) to Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: “Here’s CBS – he just says a few lines about the meeting (Article link).”
  • 8:53PM – Newman (OPA) to Stewart (PAO) ccing Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA), Kelli (OPA), Jacobs (OPA)
    • Content: “Are you pulling together a full clips package? That would be helpful.”
  • 8:53PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Yes, they keep popping so I’m just pulling the law few now. Should have it to you soon.”
    • Context: Unclear who is included in the chain along with Newman (OPA) but likely includes the ccd individuals from previous emails: Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA, Kelli (OPA), David Jacobs (OPA).
  • 8:56PM – Newman (OPA) to Stewart (PAO) ccing Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA), Kelli (OPA), Jacobs (OPA)
    • Content: “Great. Thanks so much.”
  • 9:20PM – Stewart (PAO) to Jacobs (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)

*Email Chain: “TV Clips: AG Lynch Trip to LA (as of 9:25pm)

  • 9:29PM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA) ccing Jacobs (OPA); James (OPA)
    • Content: (Articles/Transcripts)
  • 9:33PM – Jacobs (OPA) to Stewart (PAO), Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Iverson (OPA) ccing James (OPA)
    • Content: “Also, ‘The Kelly File’ just previewed a segment on it and used a clip from today’s presser: (Transcript).”
  • *9:40PM – Newman (OPA) to Carlisle (AG Lynch) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG), Amuluru (OAG), Lewis (OPA), Herwig (OAG), Kadzik (OLA), Axelrod (ODAG)
    • Content: “AG Lynch – Please see below all of the TV clips from tonight. As you can see, they are still rolling in so we will send an updated version in the morning. (forward list of articles and transcripts of tv clips).”

June 30, 2016

Email Chain: “Hey”

  • 6:08AM – Reid (CBS News) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Which airport was Lynch at when Clinton stopped by?”
  • 8:04AM – Levine (ABC News) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hey, .com now wants me to write something up on the meeting. Anything in particular you think I should consider when writing? Anything more you want to add beyond what AG said at presser? Thanks”
  • 8:16AM – Newman (OPA) to Levine (ABC News)
    • Content: “Of course they do. Here’s the transcript of the two pressers, in case you need full comments. What’s your cell? I can call you to provide additional context. (Transcripts of Pressers).”
  • 8:22AM – Levine (ABC News) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(6)) Thanks.”

Email Chain: “Transcripts”

  • 8:42AM – Eric Tucker (AP) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hi, so sorry to be a pest. Any update on a transcript? (I’m being asked about it).”
  • 8:43AM – Newman (OPA) to Tucker (AP)
    • Content: “Sorry. Here it is. (Transcript of Presser).”
  • 8:46AM –Tucker (AP) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks!”

Email Chain: “Transcript”

  • 7:39AM – Newman (OPA) to Evan Perez (CNN)
    • Content: “FYI” (Referring to Transcript of Presser)
  • 9:51AM – Newman (OPA) to Perez (CNN)
    • Content: (Transcript of Presser)

Email Chain: “TPs and transcript”

  • 9:08AM – Newman (OPA) to Marc Raimondi (DOJ Nat. Sec. Spokesman) (OPA)
    • Content: (Talking Points (Redacted (b)(5)) & Transcript of June 29 Press Conference).

Email Chain: “TV Clips: AG Lynch Trip to LA (as of 9:25pm)”

  • 9:04AM – Stewart (PAO) to Vendarryl Jenkins (Summer Intern) (OPA), Tiffany Lau (OPA), Castor (OPA), Matthew Jarrell (Media Relations Intern) (OPA)
    • Content: “And here are all the TV clips that we pulled as with the print clips you can just pull clips that have aired since these ones. Let me know if you have any questions or issues. Thanks so much!”
  • 9:59AM – Lau (JMD) to Stewart (PAO), Jenkins (OPA), Castor (OPA), Jarrell (OPA)
    • Content: “We did the Bill Clinton clips separately from the LA Community Policing ones; hope that’s okay. There are a bunch, so we’re still working on them. Will do TV clips as well do you want them for both Community Policing and the Bill Clinton meeting?”
  • 10:00AM – Stewart (PAO) to Lau (JMD), Jenkins (OPA), Castor (OPA), Jarrell (OPA), James (OPA)
    • Content: “I think that’s probably best to separate the clips the way you said. Kelli, do you agree? And yes on both for tv clips. Thanks!”
  • 10:00AM – James (OPA) to Stewart (PAO), Lau (JMD), Jenkins (OPA), Castor (OPA), Jarrell (OPA)
    • Content: “That’s best. Thank you!”
  • 10:14AM – Jenkins (OPA) to James (OPA), Stewart (PAO), Lau (JMD), Castor (OPA), Jarrell (OPA)
    • Content: “When would you like the press clips? I think we are done on those for the moment, and wasn’t sure if you wanted an end of the day compilation or as soon as possible look.”
  • 10:15AM – James (OPA) to Jenkins (OPA), Stewart (PAO), Lau (JMD), Castor (OPA), Jarrell (OPA)
    • Content: “You can send what you have now and we can do an update later today, IF needed.”
  • 10:49AM – Jenkins (OPA) to James (OPA), Stewart (PAO), ccing Lau (JMD)
    • Content: “A little pre-mature, some more are coming in and when Tiffany searched ‘all’ rather than  ‘news’ in google a lot of stories popped up.”
  • 10:49AM – Stewart (PAO) to Jenkins (OPA), James (OPA) ccing Lau (JMD)
    • Content: “Thanks for the heads up!”
  • 10:50PM – Lau (JMD) to Stewart (PAO), Jenkins (OPA), James (OPA)
    • Content: “There are a lot of angry people…☹”

Email Chain: “AG’s meeting with President Clinton this week”

  • 9:58AM – Julian Hattem (The Hill) to Newman (OPA) & “Press”
    • Content: “Hi I’m writing about some of the backlash to the AG’s social meeting with former President Clinton in Phoenix on Monday, Lawmakers from both parties have raised questions about the meeting and whether it was appropriate. Was the AG’s meeting appropriate, given the ongoing investigation connected to Secretary Clinton? Does it have any effect on the outcome of that investigation? Thank you.”
  • 10:02AM – “Press” to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)
  • 10:02AM –Stewart (PAO) to “Press” & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “+Melanie”
    • Context: Presumably Newman (OPA) was added.
  • 10:02AM – Newman (OPA) to Hattem (The Hill) ccd “Press”
    • Content: “I’ll refer you to the transcripts below from the AG’s press conference on Tuesday, in Phoenix, and Wednesday, in LA. We have no additional comment. (Transcripts Below).”
  • 10:06AM – Hattem (The Hill) to Newman (OPA) ccd “Press”
    • Content: “Thank you.”
  • 10:08AM – Lewis (OPA) to “Press” & Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “Lets copy Melonie on these. She is responding to reporters.
  • 10:10AM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO) & “Press”
    • Content: “I’ve already responded. He emailed me and the press inbox. Thanks.”
  • 10:10AM – Newman (OPA) Froward to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)
    • Context: Forward includes emails from 9:58AM to 10:06AM.
  • 10:11AM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA) ccing “Press” and Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “Just making sure that the folks monitoring the press account copy you going forward. Thanks for getting back to him.”

Email Chain: “Interview request”

  • 9:57AM – Samantha DelPriore (Fox News) to “Press”
    • Content: “Good morning – Would AG Lynch be available for an interview on our show On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Channel tonight to respond to the meeting she had with Bill Clinton? We air live during the 7PM/et hour but we are happy to pretape to accommodate her schedule. Please let me know if we can set something up. The interview would be one-on-one with Greta.”
  • 10:01AM – “Press” to Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: (Blank)
  • 10:03AM – Stewart (PAO) to “Press” & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “+Melanie”
  • 10:09AM – Stewart (PAO) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “+Mel”
  • 10:10AM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAD)
    • Content: “Decline.”
  • 10:11AM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: (Redacted (b)(5))
  • 10:12AM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: (Redacted (b)(5))
  • 10:17AM – “Press” to DelPriore (Fox News)
    • Content: “Hi Samantha, Thank you for reaching out to use with your interview request for the Attorney General. AT this time, the Attorney General is unfortunately not available for an interview but please let us know if we can be of further assistance. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Text Messages Between Strzok & Page

  • 10:31AM – Message Sent Between Peter Strzok (Counterintelligence Division) (FBI) & Lisa Page (FBI Attorney) (FBI) [FBI-30]
    • Content: “All the airport tarmac articles finally burst out. Took a little bit. Not a big deal, just ASTOUNDINGLY bad optic.”
    • Note: It is unclear whether it was Strzok or Page who sent the message.
  • 12:59AM – Message Sent Between Strzok (FBI) & Page (FBI) [FBI-31]
    • Content: “Omg he is spinning about the tarmac meeting, viewed in conjunction with the [redacted] Wants to meet at 4, have us bring lists of what we would do in an ordinary circumstance (easy, refer to PC) and in this circumstance (easy, refer to 7th floor)…”
    • Note: It is unclear whether it was Strzok or Page who sent the message.  

Email Chain: “more on Clinton meeting?”

  • 11:33AM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to (Newman)
    • Content: “Hey Melanie and Kevin – Any chance one of you could give me a call for another, hopefully quick conversation on this AG-Clinton meeting? My editors are still pretty interested in it, and I’m hoping I can put it to rest by answering just a few more questions about how the meeting came about – who approached who, and how did they realize they were in the same place? Many thanks.”
  • 11:35AM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo) & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Will give you a call now.”
  • 11:36AM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo)
    • Content: “Story I reference: (link to CBS News article).”
    • Context: Appears phone conversation between Newman and Zapotosky lasted three minutes.
  • 3:23PM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to Newman (OPA) & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(6))”
  • 3:25PM – Newman (OPA) to Zapotosky (WaPo) & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “(Redacted (b)(6))”

Email Chain: “Transcripts”

  • 11:37AM – Newman (OPA) to Pete Williams (NBC)
    • Content: (Transcript of Pressers)

Email Chain: “Hi, Kevin”

  • 11:50AM – Kevin Johnson (USA Today) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Can you help with the meeting between the AG and frmr Pres Clinton?”
  • 11:55AM – Lewis (OPA) to Johnson (USA Today) ccing Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Adding Mel. I’m at an event in west coast.”
  • 11:55AM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA
    • Content: “I’m on with Kevin now.”
  • 11:56AM – Lewis (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thx”
  • 11:56AM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA) & Johnson (USA Today)
    • Content: (Transcript of Pressers)
  • 12:03PM – Newman (OPA) to Johnson (USA Today)
    • Content: (Transcript of Pressers)
    • Context: In email chain titled “transcripts” but clearly in reference to the “Hi, Kevin” email.

Email Chain: “Hi, Melanie”

  • 11:48AM – Johnson (USA Today) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Can you help on the meeting between the AG and the frmr Pres Clinton? Thanks, Kevin.”
  • 11:49AM – Newman (OPA) to Johnson (USA Today)
    • Content: “Yes, will call you shortly. Best number? Also, transcripts from Tuesday and Wednesday pressers should be helpful. (Transcripts of Pressers).”
  • 12:37PM –Johnson (USA Today) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Got it. Thanks.”
    • Note: Shows media spirit of “Help us, tell us what to say…”

Email Chain: “AG Briefing”

  • 9:52AM – Franklin (OAG) to Sabrina Curtis (Director of Scheduling & Advance Associate for the White House) (OAG), ccing Lewis (OPA), Alan Bray (Director of Advance) (OAG), Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “Hi Guys, Would it be possible to take the AG back to hold for 15 minutes after the Facebook Town Hall (before lunch)? I need to schedule a quick call for Carolyn [Pokorny] to brief her about the proposal re the Clinton meeting. Uma and Kevin – I will give you a quick briefing before we speak with the AG, but there is currently unanimous consent for the proposed plan.”
  • 9:55AM – Franklin (OAG) to Curtis (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Bray (OAG), Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “Please also check to see if there is a conference phone in the hold room.”
  • 10:01AM – Lewis (OPA) to Franklin (OAG) ccing Curtis (OAG), Bray (OAG), Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “Copy”
  • 10:08AM – Curtis (OAG) to Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG), Bray (OAG), Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “We can now dial out on the tablet in the hold room and put it on speaker.”
  • 1:09PM – Franklin (OAG) to Curtis (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Bray (OAG), Amuluru (OAG)
    • Content: “Excellent – thanks!”

Email Chain: “Can I get statement [sic] on clinton meeting?”

  • 1:02PM – Del Wilber (LA Times) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)
  • 1:04PM – Newman (OPA) to Wilber & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “We have not issued a statement. Here’s the transcript from the AG’s two press conferences. (Transcripts from Pressers).”
  • 1:15PM – Wilber to Newman (OPA) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “How did it come about? She bumped into him at terminal? Saw he was in Phoenix and invited him to the plane to chat? Or he saw her and wanted to say hi? This meeting would take some coordination.”
  • 1:16PM – Wilber to Newman (OPA) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Did Carrier break it?”
  • 1:17PM – Newman (OPA) to Wilber ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Calling you now. Or you can call me at my desk, number below.”
  • 1:18PM – Newman (OPA) to Wilber ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “call me.”
  • 1:22PM – Newman (OPA) to Wilber ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “I have tried both numbers for you. I would like to go out to get some food. Call my cell if you don’t reach me at my desk.”

Email Chain: “NYT Q on Lynch/Clinton meeting”

  • 2:16 PM – Mark Landler (NYT) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hi Melanie, I’m a White House correspondent at the NYT, and I’ve been pressed into service to write about the questions being raised by the Attorney General’s meeting with Bill Clinton. Could you let me know what DoJ and the AG have said specifically about this meeting, and whether she believes it constitutes a conflict of interest, given the ongoing email investigation?”
  • 2:20PM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “Mark, I’ll call you in a bit. We have not issued a statement on this but I’ve included below the transcripts from the AG’s two press conferences where this was addressed. (Transcripts of pressers).”

Email Chain: “security details coordinate between Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton?”

  • 12:44PM – Zapotosky (WaPo) to NPO [FBI-22]
    • Content: “ Hi – Weird question, but I’m trying to confirm that the reason former president Bill Clinton knew Attorney General Loretta Lynch was at an airport in Phoenix with week is that the agents working their respective security details (FBI in the case of the Attorney General) were coordinating during the time they were both on the tarmac. Is anyone able to shed light on that question of how the former president knew the Attorney General had just landed and how a meeting between the two of them happened?”
    • Note: Third Party Communications to FBI About Clinton-Lynch Meeting – Proof FBI had documents when denying our FOIA
  • 2:38PM – NPO (National Press Office Unit Chief, FBI OPA) to “Press” ccing Peter Carr (Public Affairs Specialist, Criminal Division) (OPA) [FBI-22]
    • Content: “Susan McKee Unit Chief National Press Office FBI Office of Public Affairs.”
    • Note: Carr now serves as the Spokesman for Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Email Chain: “Details of AG’ meeting with ex-POTUS”

  • 3:00PM – Chuck Ross (Daily Caller) to “Press”
    • Content: “Hello, I was wondering if DOJ has any additional details to offer on the meeting between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton earlier this week. Here are a few questions I have:
      • Who contacted whom about the meeting? If Clinton made the reach out, how and when was Lynch notified of the request?
      • Did DOJ have any plans to disclose this meeting?
      • According to reports, the meeting was held on AG’s airplane. Why was this necessary as opposed to holding it in a less secluded location?
      • Lastly, where was the AG’s airplane in relation to Clinton’s Did hers park next to his on the tarmac?
      • Thanks in advance for the help.”
  • 3:12PM – “Press” to Newman(OPA) & Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO) & Kelli (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)

Email Chain: “Capehart stories”

  • 7:29PM – Stewart (PAO) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Yes! I’ll loop back with some stories.”
  • 7:25PM – Lewis (OPA) to Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “Can you do a search for recent column from Jonathan? Has he written about the Clinton meeting? Anything on criminal justice, LGBT rights, Orland shooter, criminal justice.”
  • 8:15PM – Stewart (PAO) to Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Nothing on the Clinton meeting. Link to all of his Washington Post articles is below. He’s written a lot about LGBT and, more broadly, civil rights. I’ll send the most relevant clips from the link below in an email – wanted to get you the link in the meantime: (link to Jonathan Capehart WaPo Articles).”

July 1, 2016

Email Chain: “Fwd: Lynch to Remove Herself From Decision Over Clinton Emails, Official Says-NYTimes.com”

  • 5:36AM –Strzok (Counterintelligence Division) (FBI) to E. W. “Bill” Priestap (Assistant Director, FBI Counterintelligence Division); Jonathan C. Moffa (CD) (FBI); Richard A. Mains (Chief of FBI International Operations Division) [FBI-4] [FBI-5] [FBI-6] [FBI-36] [FBI-37 [FBI-39]
    • Content: NY Times Article titled “Lynch to Remove Herself From Decision Over Clinton Emails, Official Says”
  • 5:37AM – Strzok (CD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (NSD) (JMD); (Redacted (b)(6)) (NSD) (JMD); (Redacted (b)(6)) (USAVAE); (Redacted (b)(6)) (USAVAE) [FBI-40]
    • Content: NY Times Article titled “Lynch to Remove Herself From Decision Over Clinton Emails, Official Says”
  • 5:38AM – Strzok (CD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (OGC) (FBI) [FBI-41]
    • Content: NY Times Article titled “Lynch to Remove Herself From Decision Over Clinton Emails, Official Says”
  • 5:48AM – Moffa (CD) (FBI) to Strzok (CD) (FBI) [FBI-36]
    • Content: “Well…that’s an interesting development.”
  • 5:52AM – Priestap (CD) (FBI) to Strzok (CD) (FBI) [FBI-36]
    • Content: “Thank you. The meeting in PX is all over CNN TV news this morning…”
  • 5:53AM – Priestap (CD) (FBI) to Michael B. Steinbach (Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch); McCabe (DO) (FBI) [FBI-4] [FBI-39]
    • Content: (Blank)
  • 5:59AM – Strzok (CD) (FBI) to Priestap (CD) (FBI) [FBI-37]
    • Content: “Timing’s not ideal in that it falsely adds to those seeking the ‘this is all choreographed’ narrative. But I don’t think it’s worth changing…later won’t be better.”
  • 6:00AM – Strzok (CD) (FBI) to Moffa (CD) (FBI) [FBI–36]
    • Content: “Note the [sic] this has been under discussion since April part. Timing’s not great, but what are you going to do?”
  • 6:01AM – Steinbach (DO) (FBI) to Priestap (CD) (FBI) [FBI-39]
    • Content: “Thank you.”
  • 6:10AM – McCabe (DO) (FBI) to Comey (FBI); Rybicki (DO) (FBI); Bowdich (DO) (FBI) [FBI-4]
    • Content: “Fyi”
    • Context: Labeled “High” Importance
  • 6:58AM – Moffa (CD) (FBI) to Strzok (CD) (FBI) [FBI-36]
    • Content: “Nothing. We just keep doing what we need to do and let all of this swirl around us.”
  • 8:28AM – Priestap (CD) (FBI) to Strzok (CD) (FBI) [FBI-37]
    • Content: “Agreed”

Email Chain: “Confirm Lynch/Clinton reports?”

  • 8:24AM – Russell Berman (Atlantic) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hi, Can someone confirm these reports that AG Lynch will announce that she plans to accept the recommendations of persecutors and the FBI in the Clinton email case? (link to WSJ article) (link to NYT article) Thanks.”
  • 9:52AM – “Press” Froward to Lewis (OPA) & Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: (Blank)
    • Context: Forwarding 8:24AM email by Berman (Atlantic) with info request on articles. 
  • 10:09AM – Neman (OPA) to “Press” & Lewis ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “Got it.”
  • 10:09AM – Newman (OPA) to Berman (Atlantic)
    • Content: “On background from a Justice Department official regarding the ongoing investigation of the State Department’s emails: Determinations as to whether to charge any individual, as well as the findings of the investigation, will be made by career prosecutors and investigators who have been handling this matter since it’s [sic] inception. These determinations and findings will also be reviewed by senior career lawyers in the department, as well as by the FBI Director. The Attorney General expects to receive and accept the determinations and findings of the Department’s career prosecutors and investigators, as well as the FBI Director. The Attorney General will discuss this matter during her live armchair discussion with Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart at the Aspen Ideas Festival at 11 a.m. ET/9 a.m. MT.”

Email Chain: “Secretary Lynch on w/Chuck Todd Friday?”

  • 5:56AM – Evan Dixon (NBC) to “Press” ccing Carly Rubel (MSNBC)
    • Content: “Hello- I’d like to submit a request for Chuck Todd to interview Secretary Lynch tomorrow (Friday) in the 5pm hour. With many questioning her meeting with Former President Clinton, Chuck would like to discuss what took place. Please let me know if she is available – I’m happy to speak in more detail about the interview.”
  • 9:52AM – “Press” to Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: (Blank) (forward)
  • 10:09AM – Newman (OPA) to “Press,” Lewis (OPA) ccing Stewart (PAO)
    • Content: “We have to decline. Thanks.”
  • 10:10AM – Stewart (PAO) to Newman (OPA), “Press,” Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “I’ll send the response now.”

Email Chain: “NYT Q on Lynch/Clinton meeting”

  • 9:14AM – Landler (NYT) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Hi Melanie, We don’t have anybody in Aspen and we obviously need to cover AG Lynch’s remarks. Can you tell me when she’s scheduled to speak, and whether Aspen will stream her remarks? Many thanks, Mark.”
  • 9:19AM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “I don’t think they stream it. We are trying to get a pool camera. We will send out a transcript as soon as possible.”
  • 9:23AM – Landler (NYT) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks, Melanie. On the pool camera, where would the feed be available?”
  • 9:25AM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “+Kevin, who is working on that in Aspen”
    • Context: Kevin Lewis likely added here and becomes part of conversation though no clear evidence of “to” or “cc.”
  • 9:27AM – Landler (NYT) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Also, Mark Halprin just tweeted that the AG reserves the right to overrule a staff recommendation, which he says contradicts our story. Matt is out of pocket. Can you clarify.”
  • 9:46AM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “What’s your number. Can I call you?”
  • 9:54AM –Landler (NYT) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “On my cell: (Redacted (b)(6))”
  • 9:54AM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “Just tried you. I’m at 202-305-1920 or (Redacted (b)(6)).”
  • 10:24AM – Newman (OPA) to Landler (NYT)
    • Content: “Has the story been updated? Can you send me the language?”

Email Chain: “Part 1”

  • 11:25AM – Lau (JMD) to James (OPA)
    • Content: (CNN Transcript of meeting between Johnathan Capehart and AG Lynch)

Email Chain: “Jama Vitale called you from Fox News Channel NY – message below”

  • 11:14AM – Dodi McLaughlin (WLRK) to Marshall Miller (WLRK)
    • Content: “She wanted to know if you would be available for a taped interview today at 3pm with Judge Jeanine Pirro re: Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. If you were available, it would be held at the Fox News office on 6th Avenue between 47th and 48th Street. Please call her at (Redacted (b)(6)).”
  • 11:29AM – Marshall Miller (WLRK) to Pokorny (OAG); Sharon Werner (OAG), Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Guys: I can’t do this. Is there someone you want me to recommend they reach out to? Hope all is well. Marshall.” (Forward of request for interview).

Email Chain: “FBI just called”

  • 12:15PM – Rodenbush (OPA) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “Jack Date from ABC called them about this report from their Phoenix affiliate that the FBI was instructing people not to take pictures (Redacted (b)(6), (b)(7)(C) per FBI) at FBI received the call and is looking for guidance and to know if we will provide any comment on this? Have you heard from Jack? (Link to Newsmax article on Clinton-Lynch meeting). The reporter who acted on a tip to go to Sky Harbor International Airport and witnessed the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton clandestine meeting said the FBI agents there ordered "no photos, no picture, no cell phones.” Christopher Sign told Fox News Bill O’Reilly on Thursday that the attorney general’s plane landed on time while the former president and his entourage were running late. “The former president than [sic] steps into her plane. They then speak for 30 minutes privately,” Sign, a morning anchor for KNXV-TV ABC 15 said on “The O’Reilly Factor.” “The FBI there on the tarmac instructing everyone around, ‘No photos, no pictures, no cell phones.’ He then gets off the plane, gets on his own plane, he departs, she continues on with her planned visit.”
    • Context: More contacts between FBI and DOJ on the matter.
  • 12:17PM – Newman (OPA) to Rodenbush (OPA) ccing Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “+Kevin. I heard from Levine. I don’t know what this is about.”

Email Chain: “More questions”

  • 12:01PM – Levine (ABC) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “I’m getting lots of questions about this…Any guidance you can offer? thanks. (link to hotair.com article title “Report: FBI ordered ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting).”
  • 12:02PM – Newman (OPA) to Lewis (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: “Can someone call me? (forwards message and article from Levine (ABC))”
  • 12:18PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Newman (OPA) ccing Lewis (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: “What’s your direct again.”
  • 1:20PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Amuluru (OAG), and Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: “FBI is asking for guidance on this question as well.”
  • 1:23PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Pokorny (OAG) ccing Newman (OPA), Lewis (OPA), and Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: (Redacted (b)(5))
  • 1:24PM – Pokorny (OAG) to Amuluru (OPA), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: “Thanks for the quick response; I will let Rybicki know.”
    • Context: This email refers to Jim Rybicki (Chief of Staff/Senior Counselor to FBI Director Comey).
    • Note: Chief of Staff to Comey Looped into Clinton-Lynch Meeting Talking Points
  • 1:26PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Pokorny (OAG) ccing Newman (OAP), Lewis (OPA), Franklin (OAG)
    • Content: (Redacted (b)(5))
    • Note: Discussion of Talking Points Immediately After Rybicki Call

Email Chain: “FBI agents-no photos story”

  • 12:24PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to Kortan (DO) (FBI); OPA-NPO [FBI-25] [FBI-42]
    • Content: “FYSA, ABC’s Jack Date called to ask about this claim and we hadn’t heard about it prior to his call. He’s going to call DOJ to ask.” (Full Story Included titled “Reporter: FBI ordered ‘no phots, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting.”)
  • 12:27PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI); Kortan (DO) (FBI); OPA-NPO [FBI-25]
    • Content: “Was it perhaps her security detail? They are FBI agents.”
  • 1:13PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (Security Management Division) (FBI) [FBI-27] [FBI-42]
    • Content: “Here’s the local article-national NBC picked it up and asked us about it. We are reaching out to DOJ OPA as well, but thank you for the contacts! (Redacted (b)(6))”
  • 1:22PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-27] [FBI-42]
    • Content: “Rybicki just talked to DOJ. They are waiting to respond until they can talk to AGPD to determine exactly what happened. AGPD is traveling back to DC now.”
  • 1:23PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-27] [FBI-42]
    • Content: “Thanks (Redacted (b)(6)) Doubt we would say anything but for clarification will be good to know.”
  • 1:24PM – (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)) (DO) (FBI); Quinn (FBI); Kortan (DO) (FBI) [FBI-27]
    • Content: (Blank)

Email Chain: “Media Reports ***Not for Dissimenation [sic]**”

  • 2:46PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (SECD) (FBI) to DPD-INTERNAL ccing (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (MP) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (PD) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (SF) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (NK) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (CG) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)/(b)(7)(E)) (IP) (FBI) [FBI-43] [FBI-44] [FBI-45] [FBI-46]
    • Content: “All- You have no doubt by now seen the reports regarding the AG and former President Clinton’s impromptu meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix. In addition to the reporting regarding the appropriateness of that meeting taking place given the ongoing investigation, another aspect of the story that is adding fuel to the fire is the alleged statements/actions that are being attributed to FBI Agents at the scene of the meeting surrounding the attempts to preclude reporters/public present from taking pictures or recording. First and foremost no one knows exactly what transpired on the tarmac, and who told whom that. Currently there is only the information that is being provided by the news outlet from Phoenix. AGPD is travelling and has been unavailable to provide any information to the DOJ nor FBI Office of Public Affairs for explanation or clarification of what transpired. Even though this is still playing out, I wanted to share some thoughts for your consideration. This is in no way intended to be a critique of what is transpiring and should not be viewed as such: Maintaining an awareness of current issues regarding the FBI and how they may impact the Director. Our job is to protect the boss from harm and embarrassment. Having a basic knowledge of events concerning the FBI and or the Director goes a long way into facilitating this mandate. What issues are currently being reported in the media? And what actions/interactions/situations that the Director may be in could impact them. Granted this is largely a function of the Director’s office to not schedule events that could put the Director in an awkward situation, but we too have a roll in this. As we conduct advances and execute our mission, we should be continually war gaming scenarios and considering secondary and tertiary effects of multiple courses of action. Example: Amid the polarizing national discussion of race and policing, [Redacted (b)(7)(E)] gave his speech at the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham on the subject. The constant threat of all his remarks on the subject has been the need for a conversation where people listened openly/objectively to opposing viewpoints to search for common understanding and common ground. An ex-Black Lives Matter protestor (he had been kicked out due to his radical views) interrupted the ceremony to admonish the conference. With media present, we were aware of the optic that would be created if this protestor was forcibly removed for non-violent action. We contained him to prevent a direct threat to the Director, but did not intervene and he departed on his own. Using context to help guide our actions is paramount to the successful execution of our mission. **The daily summary of FBI related news articles located on the 7th floor is an excellent source and should be reviewed on a regular basis. Advances in maintaining situational awareness on the ground in general, and especially of other dignitaries/personalities travelling out of the FBO or being in/near a venue. The advance’s job is to have a solid understand [sic] of all practical aspects of a location the Director is visiting. To include providing the travel team with information that will allow for the adjustment of arrival/departure times as needed. We do an excellent job of this. Whether it be for ease of ingress/egress for motorcade de-confliction or whether there be the same concerns of optics with the Director potentially bumping into someone. When we last flew into HPN a few months back, we literally just missed Clinton’s plane. Imagine the optics and the awkward situation we would have put the Director in if we would have been at the FBO at the same time as Secretary Clinton. We ultimately didn’t have to adjust our timeline, but having that knowledge ahead of time allowed us to be in control of the situation and provided the opportunity for us to delay to prevent a simultaneous arrival/departure if it became necessary. Interaction with media: The media, like us, have a job to do. Within a public space, we have no right nor authority to impede their opportunity to do their job. If we are walking down the corridor of the Hill, we can’t stop reporters from filming the Director, nor asking questions. We can prevent them from impeding his movement and our need for a clear evac route. Understanding what we can and cannot control is essential to the execution of our job and the mandate to prevent embarrassment. This situation is still unfolding. As I get more information from across the street regarding what actually transpired, I will definitely share it with you. This situation highlights what we all know, but can always stand to be reminded of- we live and work under a microscope. Whether it be media, FBI Execs and employees, or the general public; people are always watching. We have to be right all the time……. Thanks for your professionalism and dedication to this job!!! [Article]”
  • 3:11PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SecD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c) (SecD) (FBI) [FBI-43]
    • Content: “Well said. Great learning point.”
  • 7:39PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to Joshua S. Campbell (Special Assistant to FBI Director Comey) (DO) (FBI) [FBI-44]
    • Content: [Blank]
  • 7:44PM – Campbell (DO) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-44]
    • Content: “Well said through and through. Thx man. Happy 4th.”

Email Chain: “Comment?”

  • 3:18PM – Ryan Lizza (New Yorker) to “Press”
    • Content: “I have a piece that will be posted this afternoon that includes the following reporting and I wanted to see if DOJ wanted to offer a comment. Thanks.”
      • Included Reporting
        • “A Democrat who was briefed on the meeting [between Lynch and Bill Clinton] told me that it was over a hundred degrees outside and Lynch, who was immediately uncomfortable with the visit, felt like she couldn’t shoo the sixty-nine-year-old former president, who has had heart problems in the past, back onto the tarmac. Lynch, according to this person, also insisted that her security detail remain at her side while Clinton was onboard her aircraft so that the ex-President and the Attorney General would not be alone together.”
  • 4:09PM – Lizza (New Yorker) to “Press”
    • Content: “My deadline is 5PM today. Thanks!”
  • 4:27PM – “Press” Forward to Newman (OPA) & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: (Blank)
    • Context: Forward of 4:09PM Message
  • 4:28PM – Newman (OPA) to Lizza (New Yorker)
    • Content: “Just tried you. I’m at my desk. 202-305-1920.”
  • 4:28PM – Newman (OPA) to “Press” & Lewis (OPA)
    • Content: “Thanks.”
    • Context: In reference to the forwarded email from “Press” by Ryan Lizza at 4:27PM.

Email Chain: “AG transcript, Aspen ideas festival, Fri 1 July”

  • 5:11PM – Kortan (DO) (FBI) to McCabe (DO) (FBI); Bowdich (DO) (FBI); Rybicki (DO) (FBI); Stephen D. Kelly (Assistant Director, FBI Congressional Liaison Office); Steinbach (DO) (FBI); Priestap (CD) (FBI); (Redacted (b)(6)) ccing Comey (FBI) [FBI-7] [FBI-8] [FBI-9] [FBI-10] [FBI-11] [FBI-38]
    • Content: [Presser Transcript]
  • 5:12 PM – Priestap (CD) (FBI) to Kortan (DO) (FBI) [FBI-38]
    • Content: “Thank you.”

Email Chain: “(Blank)”

  • 9:49PM – Rachel L. Rojas (FBI Security Division, Security Operations Section) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-35]
    • Content: “Hey got your message. [Redacted] called [Redacted] too. I would stay away unless we hear something from a higher up. I don’t see the need for any comment. Opa may reach out to doj so I hope there is no comment from them as well in regards to protection piece.”
    • Note: This is the start to an email chain titled “Re:” that carries onto July 2, 2016.

July 2, 2016

Email Chain: “Re:”

  • 7:32AM – (Redacted (b)(6)/((b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to Rojas (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-34] [FBI-35]
    • Content: “Good Morning. Sorry for not responding last night. Please do not worry about me making any statements. I know better :) I am worried about our OPA reaching out to DOJ’s, as it was DOJ opa who threw us under the bus. I will explain the details later, but you know, we our [sic] not the final word as to who comes in or out of the AG’s space. Her staff dropped the ball in a big way, and we were the easy scapegoats! I’m pretty pissed about the way things went down and how they were handled afterwards, needless to say I will be making some changes as to how much interaction we will have with this staff going forward. I’m truly sorry to be bothering you with this nonsense on your time off, but my biggest fear with this event is whether or not  this will affect the ongoing investigation or the Director’s position. Obviously it has affected the AG’s position but I hope there’s no further fallout.”
  • 1:10PM – Rojas (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) [FBI-34]
    • Content: “Lol I’m not worried about you 😊 I’ll deal with opa with [redacted] next week. Doj is likely overwhelmed so in [sic] hoping it wasn’t intentional. I know it wasn’t you guys bc you have great judgment. Nothing good would come from that. Her staff should have avoided that scenario. The bu will be fine but obviously disappointed on how this is happening. Unfortunately she’s taking heat all over the place and I feel bad for her. I know she didn’t want this on her plate or for this to happen. I will definitely call you next week so we can catch up.”
  • 1:18PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) to Rojas (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-34]
    • Content: “Thank you. I’m sending you an article from my email account that is a pretty accurate account of the event. I think the source, who knows they can lose their job was a Phoenix cob assisting with the motorcade. Have a great 4th!”

Email Chain: “Did AG ynch [sic] provide questions to Former President Bill Clinton”

  • 10:59PM – Richard Pollock (Daily Caller) to “Press”
    • Content: “Dear sir/madam: We have a received information from a source who is alleging that during the meeting with former President Bill Clinton in Phoenix, the Attorney General was able to provide some questions or several lines of questions concerning the meeting with the FBI today. Given the seriousness of these charges, we are obligated to seek a comment from an [sic] responsible Justice spokesperson. Please forward a reply as soon as is possible. Cordially, Richard.”
    • Context: No Reply

Email Chain: “Re: EXCLUSIVE: Security Source Details Bill Clinton Maneuver to Meet Loretta Lynch – Observer”

  • 12:09PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-15]
    • Content: “(link to Observer article) Good morning, sir I’ve attached a news article that I thought you might be interested in. The so called  ‘informant’ talks about what happened on the tarmac at the airport, which sounds somewhat accurate. But, what I found most disturbing was the mentioning of security procedures by FBI and/or Secret Service. Hey, I’m just a layman, but this person sounds like a security threat to me. Please read the article (if you haven’t already) because I’d love to get your opinion on this. Feel free to call me on my cell, if that’s easier than emailing. Thanks, (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)).
  • 1:47PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) [FBI-14]
    • Content: “Sir, Thank you for the article. I agree with your assessment about the source, which in reading the article, I believe was one of the local PD officer[sic] assisting with one of the two motorcade[sic] there on the Tarmac. Either way, they should have never offered any type of opinion or details of what did or didn’t happen, as this is the most principle and basic tenant of executive protection. Unfortunately, this article is a breach in security protocol and I am addressing it with the Phoenix division to make certain that they pursuit [sic] this and identify the source of the breach. The fortunate piece of this article is that the majority of the tactics and logistics that the article mentions are textbook procedures and industry standard for most executive protection details. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you, (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)).”
  • 2:19PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-14]
    • Content: (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) “Thank you for the response. I’d like to think I learned a little about security, watching the high level of professionalism of your team.” (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c))
  • 2:28PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) [FBI-14]
    • Content: “Thank you Sir, I appreciate that.”

July 3, 2016

Email Chain: “Must Read Security Article”

  • 2:06PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to A Series of Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c) Contacts from the FBI [FBI-16] [FBI-17] [FBI-18] [FBI-19] [FBI-21] [FBI-32] [FBI-33]
    • Content: “All, Please read the attached article, regarding the AG’s meeting with Clinton. I believe that the source quoted in this article is one of the local Phoenix LEO’s. Needless to say that I have contacted the Phoenix office and will contact the local’s [sic] who assisted in an attempt to stem any further damage. This is exactly why our Discretion and Judgment are the foundation of the AG’s trust in our team, which is why we can never violate that trust, like the source did in this article. [Link to Observer Article]. Thank you, [(Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c))].”
  • 2:11PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(c)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD (FB) [FBI-32] [FBI-33]
    • Content: “Copy sir.”
    • Note: This message comes from a member of the “Attorney General’s Protection Detail.”
  • 2:16PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SCED) (FBI) [FBI-17]
    • Content: “This article is infuriating”
  • 2:18PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-17]
    • Content: “Absolutely!”
  • 2:45PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-18]
    • Content: “You think there will be a need for non-disclosure agreements in the future?”
    • Context: This email is from a separate line of responses to the 2:06PM initial email than those at 2:16PM and 2:18PM.
  • 2:53PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) [FBI-18]
    • Content: “That might not be a bad idea given the circumstances.”
    • Context: This email is from the same chain as the 2:45PM email.
  • 5:09PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (CG) (FBI) [FBI-20]
    • Content: “We need to find that guy and bring him or her before a supervisor and opr”
    • Context: This email appears to be a part of a separate line of responses to the initial 2:06PM email than those at 2:16PM, 2:18PM, 2:45PM, or 2:45PM.
  • 5:12PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (CG) (FBI) [FBI-20]
    • Content: “Do you think it was a swat guy?”
    • Context: This email is part of the 5:09PM line of emails.
  • 5:18PM – (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (SECD) (FBI) to (Redacted (b)(6)/(b)(7)(c)) (CG) (FBI) [FBI-20]
    • Content: “No I think it was one of the PX PD officers helping both motorcades.”
    • Context: This email is part of the 5:09PM line of emails.

July 5, 2016

Email Chain: “Comment?”

  • 9:39AM – Lizza (New Yorker) to Newman (OPA)
    • Content: “So any word on what the 11 am Comey statement is about?”
  • 9:40AM – Newman (OPA) to Ryan Lizza (New Yorker)
    • Content: “None.”

Letter by Sen. Richard Shelby to AG Lynch

Subsequent Events

July 2, 2016

  • FBI interviews Hillary Clinton for 3 ½ hours

July 5, 2016

  • FBI Director James Comey lets Clinton ‘off the hook’ in press conference

July 6, 2016

  • AG Lynch Accepts Comey’s “Recommendation” to not press charges

July 15, 2016

  • ACLJ issues FOIA Request to DOJ and FBI to obtain all relevant documents pertaining to Lynch’s compromising July 27th meeting with President Bill Clinton.

August, 2016

  • DOJ ignores ACLJ FOIA

Oct. 21, 2016

  • FBI unlawfully denies ACLJ FOIA request, states “no records responsive to your request were located.”

Nov. 2, 2016

  • ACLJ files suit against the DOJ’s unlawful ignoring of the FOIA Request

Aug. 1, 2017

  • DOJ informs ACLJ it will release final document production in this matter

Aug. 4, 2017

  • ACLJ successfully obtains compromising documents involving AG Lynch & the media

Aug. 10, 2017

  • FBI decides to reopen ACLJ FOIA request after the ACLJ Called it out for lying

Sept. 12, 2017

  • ACLJ files suit against the FBI to force compliance with our FOIA request

Nov. 7, 2017

  • In a Joint Status Report to the Court, the FBI agrees to produce all responsive documents by Nov. 30, 2017.

Dec. 1, 2017

  • ACLJ successfully obtains documents from FBI involving the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting. The documents show both the FBI and the DOJ lied.

Glossary of Persons

DOJ Office of the Attorney General (OAG)

  • Elizabeth Carlisle (ecarlisle@jmd.usdoj.gov) (Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s email alias)
  • Carolyn Pokorny (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch)
  • Shirlethia Franklin (Deputy Chief of Staff and Counselor to AG Lynch)
  • Mathew Axelrod (Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, #2 to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates)
  • Note: “[S]enior official overseeing all Department operations” & “Matt also took the lead in advising on crisis management within the DOJ, working closely with the White House, Congress, the FBI, and the media on DOJ’s most sensitive and high-profile matters.”
  • Uma Amuluru (Counselor to the Attorney General)
  • Peter Kadzik (Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legislative Affairs)
  • Paige Herwig (Counselor to the Attorney General)
    • Note: Herwig directly edited the still-redacted talking points.
    • Note: Herwig is now the Deputy General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary for Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein – the committee that is now investigating the Lynch matter.
    • Note: Before becoming Counselor to AG Lynch, Herwig was Special Assistant and Associate Counsel to President Obama.
  • Denise Cheung (Counselor to the Attorney General)
  • Alan Bray (Director of Advance)
  • Sabrina Curtis (Director of Scheduling, Office of the AG)
  • Sharon Werner (DOJ Liaison to the White House)

DOJ Office of Public Affairs (OPA)

  • Melanie Newman (Director of DOJ Office of Public Affairs)
  • Kevin Lewis (Press Secretary for DOJ to AG Lynch)
  • Marc Raimondi (DOJ National Security Spokesman)
  • Dena Iverson (Press Secretary & Senior Advisor for DOJ)
  • Patrick Rodenbush (Public Affairs Specialist at DOJ)
  • Rebecca Stewart (Media Affairs Coordinator & Deputy Press Secretary for AG Lynch)
  • David Jacobs (Deputy Press Secretary and Spokesperson for the Civil Rights Division)
  • James Kelli (Press Assistant)
  • Anthony Juarez (Press Assistant)
  • Olivia Castor (Communications Intern)
  • Vendarryl Jenkins (Summer Inter DOJ)
  • Matthew Jarrell (Media Relations Intern)
  • Peter Carr (Public Affairs Specialist, Criminal Division) (Current)
    • Note: Carr now serves as the Spokesman for Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

White House

  • Brandi Hoffine (Assistant White House Press Secretary & Spokeswoman)
  • Sabrina Curtis (Advance Associate)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • James B. Comey (Director, FBI)
  • Jim Rybicki (Chief of Staff/Senior Counselor to FBI Director Comey)
  • Richard Quinn (Assistant Special Agent in Charge – National Security, FBI Field Office, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Michael Kortan (Assistant Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the FBI)
  • Susan McKee (Unit Chief, National Press Office, FBI Office of Public Affairs)
  • David L. Bowdich (Associate Deputy Director, FBI)
  • Andrew G. McCabe (Deputy Director, FBI)
    • Note: Served as Acting Director of the FBI (May 9, 2017–Aug. 2, 2017)
  • Peter Strzok (Chief, FBI Counterespionage Section)
    • Note: Supervising Agent in Clinton Email Investigation
    • Note: Interviewed Clinton
    • Note: Helped Begin FBI Investigation into Trump/Russia Collusion
    • Note: Joined Mueller’s Team in July 2017
    • Note: Currently Transferred to FBI Human Resources (As of Aug. 22, 2017)
  • E. W. “Bill” Priestap (Assistant Director, FBI Counterintelligence Division)
  • Jonathan C. Moffa
  • Richard A. Mains (Chief of FBI International Operations Division)
  • Michael B. Steinbach (Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch)
  • Stephen D. Kelly (Assistant Director, FBI Congressional Liaison Office)
    • Note: Joined Mueller’s Team in Sept. 2017
  • Lisa Page (Attorney, FBI)
  • Rachel L. Rojas (FBI Security Division, Security Operations Section, SECD, FBI)
  • Joshua S. Campbell (Special Assistant to the Director [Comey], FBI)
    • Note: He left the FBI in Feb. 2018 to “defend the agency” against claims of politicization by Congress.


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  • Tiffany Lau (JMD) – DOJ Judicial Management Division
  • Marshall Miller (WLRK – Attorney)
  • Dodi McLaughlin (WLRK – Secretary)