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End FBI Corruption. Stop Spying on Americans.



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End FBI Corruption. Stop Spying on Americans.

The FBI is spying on Americans. It’s infuriating and it MUST END NOW.

We know firsthand how Comey’s circle of corruption at the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. But new bombshell revelations show the FBI is still spying on YOU.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is supposed to allow the FBI to conduct "warrantless" wiretaps and other surveillance of non-Americans who are NOT on U.S. soil. But a newly declassified court order, from the court tasked with overseeing the program, found “widespread violations” – illegal, unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens.

The FBI was ordered to fix the problem, but it didn’t. Now the court claims that COVID-19 prevented proper oversight. That’s unbelievably absurd and inexcusable.

It’s the worst kind of public corruption.

The FBI is incapable of self-correction. It’s an out-of-control bureaucracy – a Deep State – with the ability to put Americans in jail. It’s repugnant to our republic.

We must fight back. At the ACLJ, we defeated similar targeting of conservative Americans by the Obama-Biden IRS.

Now we’re preparing new records demands; and when the Biden FBI refuses, we’ll file a lawsuit. We’ve defeated the FBI in court before, and we’ll do it again.

It’s time to stop the FBI corruption, the unconstitutional Deep State spying on Americans, and the Biden Administration’s refusal to end it. We’re your last line of defense. Take action with us.

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