'Déjà vu, all over again': IRS relaunches war on conservatives

August 18, 2021

World Net Daily - The legal professionals at the American Center for Law and Justice are warning the actions against Christians by Joe Biden's administration are starting to feel like "déjà vu, all over again."

The dispute involves actions being taken by the Internal Revenue Service against organizations involving Christians, including one specific group called Christians Engaged.

In that case, the IRS put into writing the wildly untenable claim that the group's beliefs about Christianity, the "sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, biblical justice, laws vs. lawlessness, freedom of speech, religious liberty, government and business ethics, human trafficking, fiscal responsibility in government budgeting, defense, borders and immigration, U.S. and Israel relations" all are "typically affiliated with the [Republican] party and candidates."

The IRS said that disqualified the organization a tax-exempt status, a decision that quickly was abandoned when news of the outlandish claims appeared.

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