Anti-Trump Judge SIGNED Warrant To Raid Trump’s Home


Jordan Sekulow

August 11

As if the news were hand delivered from the land of You Can’t Make This Up, we now know that it was a notably anti-Trump judge that approved the search warrant on the former President’s Florida residence.

This same Judge Bruce Reinhart who signed the search warrant for the FBI to search the former President’s Mar-A-Lago property previously recused himself from a case involving President Trump v. Hillary Clinton because his objectivity could be called into question.

Just two months ago, Judge Reinhart cited a U.S. law that states a judge “shall” recuse himself: “Where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party.” We now know in 2017 Judge Reinhart posted an anti-Trump rant on his personal Facebook page, which he has conveniently removed, but not before others took screen grabs.

So despite the fact that two months ago, this judge said he could not in good faith preside over a civil case filed by President Trump because he could not remain impartial, but now somehow he had no problem signing a warrant authorizing an unannounced raid seemingly meant to do little more than embarrass and discredit a former U.S. President. He had to know this would come out. The problem is this time, he wasn’t worried about it. As my brother Logan Sekulow pointed out, it’s not uncommon for these types of local magistrates to want to come across as some kind of hero, looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

That is not how justice prevails, folks. That is how democracy dies. That is shredding the Constitution, twisting the law, and forcing a personal agenda. But we know the Left and especially the Deep State FBI has no compunction about falsifying or embellishing evidence, or making it up entirely, to obtain a warrant. They will break the rules. They’ve done it before. Enough is enough. It is time for this wanton FBI corruption to be ferreted out now.

As ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou stated:

The point of the matter is that this is unheard of to me. When I heard about this and I saw the recusal order, and then I see him signing a search warrant to execute on Donald Trump’s private residence, and he says I have impartiality that might question my judgment in a civil case, but it’s ok in a criminal case, I have no problem going and having a squad of FBI agents go through Mar-A-Lago, and every nook and cranny and corner. I can’t understand it. I can’t believe it. It’s very hard to swallow, this judge.

The sad truth is we are now practicing Third World justice and kangaroo court procedures, and it’s embarrassing. There’s just no explanation other than everything has been turned upside down.

As Andy Ekonomou added: “I don’t feel like I’m in the United States judicial system. That’s the system that is supposed to protect us from the government most of all.”

Instead, our federal government has taken us all to the land of the absurd. The IRS has been advertising for agents that can carry firearms. Tax agents need deadly weapons? And the Left and the mainstream media are pretending everything is normal.

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell addressed this lunacy and shared an impassioned call to action to combat this unprecedented corruption:

Put aside the idea that the federal government is now arming accountants while ignoring school administrators being armed while they’re trying to protect our kids in public schools. Put aside that and just realize that what Washington D.C. and the Left is doing is literally arming, equipping, and weaponizing government agencies. Government is becoming so big and crushing and controlling that they want to literally take your entire life and control it. And we’ve got to fight back. I’m starting to blame weak-kneed Republicans for not seeing the growing signs and saying ‘enough is enough. We’re going to vote. We’re going to get involved.’ You can’t expect somebody else to do something. You’ve got to do something. This is out of control. This is a crisis. Red alert.

I couldn’t agree more. Red alert indeed. I’m getting tired of saying “unprecedented times” but every day it feels like there’s some new, unfathomable development. When you have judges acting like this, it is a major red flag for the future of your constitutional republic.

But as Ric said, there is some good news. The ACLJ is still here, and we will not stop defending the Constitution and fighting against the Left’s political warfare. This is why the work of the ACLJ is so important.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes further in-depth discussion of this latest bombshell regarding the raid on President Trump’s home, including more with my dad Jay Sekulow, Ric Grenell, and the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida Jimmy Patronis, who had strong words about the unjust raid on President Trump’s home by federal agents in his state that you need to hear. 

Watch the full broadcast below: