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Victory: Defeating the Deep State

By ACLJ.org1512142535164

This is the latest installment in a year-end series looking back at a few of the numerous victories by the ACLJ in 2017.

We've filed over half a dozen major lawsuits against the deep state bureaucracies: the Obama Administration's Iran lie, deep state sabotage, shadow government unmasking, bureaucratic betrayal of Christians facing genocide, Obama holdover cover-ups, and more. And we’re winning.

In one case, the ACLJ has made a concerted effort to understand the truth behind the Obama Administration’s deliberate deception surrounding the deadly Iran nuclear deal. In our ongoing lawsuit against the deep State Department over the Iran lie, we’ve received definitive “evidence” that the Obama Administration’s State Department “purposeful[ly] edit[ed]” the public video record of a press briefing – deleting a portion in which it admitted lying to the American people about the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

In another case investigating the Shadow Government, the ACLJ obtained documents on the eve of President Obama leaving office that showed collusion with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s senior staff and the Clinton Foundation on the closure of the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO). We discovered that a Clinton Foundation “favor” resulted in the employment of a Clinton loyalist within Hillary Clinton’s inner circle at the State Department. When the state Department refused to comply with our FOIA request demanding to know whom this person was and what job he was offered, we filed a lawsuit.

Through our lawsuit, we uncovered that individual, Brock Johnson, and his 64,000 = emails, which we demanded the State Department turn over to us.  Over the next nine months the State Department slow-rolled production and delayed, frustrating the process at every turn.

However, through our aggressive litigation, the federal court = ordered the State Department bureaucracy to process documents for production according to the ACLJ’s prioritization at more than three times the rate they had claimed they would be able to do.  It’s the largest court-ordered production against the State Department since the election and will go a long way to unearthing the truth and exposing and stopping the devious machinations of the Deep State.

The Deep State would remain entrenched and immovable without our aggressive litigation. With your support, we will continue to battle and hold the out-of-control bureaucracy accountable.

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You can read more in the ACLJ’s 2017 Victories series here.

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