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Government Corruption

What the “Comey Standard” Could Mean for Comey

By Benjamin P. Sisney1499783913330

“There’s a thing called mens rea.” – Fired FBI Director James Comey If fired FBI Director James Comey leaked or mishandled classified information, the “Comey Standard” that infamously led to his “no charges are appropriate” recommendation for Hillary Clinton may, ironically, be Comey’s own undoing.

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Comey Memos Contained Classified Information

By Jordan Sekulow1499707455528

Last night, we got another shocking revelation in the apparent corruption of fired FBI Director James Comey. According to reports , at least four of the seven memos Comey drafted of privileged communications he had with the President contained classified information. As we reported , last month, in...

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Investigate Former Attorney General Lynch


It’s a shocking revelation that must be investigated. Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch meddled in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. She instructed the FBI Director to call the...