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Three reasons the IRS should reject new regulation targeting non-profits


Jay Sekulow

December 18, 2015

1 min read

Free Speech



The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the same agency that unlawfully targeted conservative and Tea Party groups – now wants to broaden its assault on taxpayers – specifically nonprofit organizations.

Under a new regulation proposed by the IRS, the tax agency would have some nonprofit charities report the Social Security numbers (SSNs) of donors giving at least $250 in one year. The regulation would permit, but not require, charitable organizations to file a new, separate information return (in addition to the Form 990) to substantiate covered contributions. The new informational return would require the charity to collect an individual donor’s name, address, and Social Security number, and provide a copy to the donor.

We have filed public comments with the IRS opposing this new regulation. It’s a bad idea for a number of reasons. Here are three: . . . .

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