White House May Be Satisfied with IRS Non-Answers, But Targeted Americans Aren’t


Matthew Clark

May 30, 2013

1 min read

Free Speech



At a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a simple question: Is the administration “satisfied with the responsiveness” of Internal Revenue Service officials who have been called to testify before Congress?

Before we take a look at how Carney answered that question, let’s recap what we’ve learned from IRS testimony about the scandal. As I explained last week: Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified that he didn’t know anything about it and didn’t do anything about it when he found out; former IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller couldn’t remember what he knew or what he did about it; and Lois Lerner, the exempt organizations division director who is now on paid leave, testified that she didn’t do anything wrong and then pled the Fifth. On the whole, we’ve learned absolutely nothing from the IRS officials who have testified so far.

Now for President Obama’s spokesman’s answer to whether the White House is satisfied with the IRS’s obfuscation of the truth: “[T]he answer is yes, and in specific to this matter the answer is yes.”. . .

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