More Questions for Former IRS Top Official Lois Lerner


Jay Sekulow


August 15, 2013

We continue to learn more about what went on inside the Internal Revenue Service concerning the unlawful targeting scheme launched by the tax agency against conservative and Tea Party groups. The latest revelation comes from Congressional investigators who have determined the former Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division, Lois Lerner - at the center of this unlawful targeting scheme - sent official documents from her government email address to a personal email account - a development that raises serious legal questions about the handling of confidential taxpayer information. As I told Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom on Fox News this morning, such a move begs one very important question - Why would you do that? Was she trying to hide something? I believe it's time for the House to recall Lerner to testify. As you recall, she invoked her Fifth Amendment right refusing to answer questions when she appeared before a House panel in May. It's time for the House to grant her immunity to obtain her testimony. The American people deserve to find out who else was involved in this unlawful and unconstitutional scheme and there’s no question that Lerner has that information. With the IRS scandal now more than three months old, we are aggressively moving forward with our federal lawsuit representing 41 conservative organizations targeted by the IRS simply because of their political beliefs. We intend to hold those responsible in the Obama Administration accountable through the judicial system. And we continue to urge Congress seek accountability through its ongoing investigations Jay Sekulow...