The Global Implications of the Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy (Sekulow Recap) | American Center for Law and Justice
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Today on Sekulow, we discuss the global implications of the Biden Administration. We are joined by former Secretary of State and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo.

Having the former Secretary of State as part of the ACLJ team is a real honor. This is a big moment for us historically, and for our ACLJ members.

This addition to the ACLJ expands and strengthens our capacity to bring you expert information and analysis on foreign affairs. Secretary Pompeo will be not only be appearing regularly on the broadcast as well as contributing content to our website, but will also be working with us behind the scenes in our fight to defend religious freedom at home and around the world and defend national security and our Constitution.

Secretary, and now ACLJ Counsel for Global Affairs, Mike Pompeo offered his thoughts on joining our team:

The ACLJ occupies a very special space. There are lots of other places that do lots of important work for America, but the ACLJ has taken up a lane which is irreplaceable. It fights every day and always, whether that’s in litigation or in the communication space or just laying down good policies for the United States that preserve, promote, and protect American democracy and protect human life, that have a fundamental understanding about the dignity of every human being. There’s no organization that can replace it, and the work that the ACLJ does matters.

Secretary Pompeo also spoke very bluntly about the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses:

The biggest challenge that our kids and our grandkids are going to face undoubtedly comes from the Chinese Communist Party. It is an atheist, Marxist-Leninist organization. We know how these work. We know what it means for people of faith. We know what it means for people who just want to live their lives, and we now know what it means for their intentions for the world and the threat that it poses to the United States of America.

We have assembled this tremendous team to combat the efforts of the Left, under the Biden Administration, that are seeking to tear down our constitutional republic. And we are only able to do this because of the unwavering  support of our ACLJ members.

It is an honor to have Secretary Pompeo join our team. His unique expertise will be an invaluable asset to our critical work.

You can watch the complete broadcast of our discussion with our new Senior Counsel for Global Affair, Secretary Mike Pompeo below.

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