Fake News

The Mainstream Media Isn't Simply Biased, It's Shilling for the Radical Left

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1626194214381

There is a growing list of news stories that the Washington, D.C., media got wrong during the 2020 Trump-Biden Presidential election. The series of erroneous stories not only consistently helped Joe Biden’s campaign or covered up Biden’s mistakes but they also criticized Trump’s leadership at the...

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CBS Edits DeSantis, Pushes False Narrative (Sekulow Recap)

By Jordan Sekulow1617742268636

In a fake news “hit job,” CBS edited Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference. . Today on Sekulow , we discussed how CBS’ 60 Minutes selectively edited footage of a press conference by Florida Governor Ron Desantis. The editing was so egregious that even the Democrat mayor of West Palm Beach,

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