The Countdown to Comey Caving has Ended


Jordan Sekulow


November 7, 2016

We told you from Day One that President Obama’s FBI Director James Comey has mishandled the investigation into the State Department email scandal.

For the third time in the final four months of a presidential election, Director Comey has interjected himself into the political process.

He conducted a faux investigation. He reopened that faux investigation. And he again closed it after supposedly reviewing hundreds of thousands of emails in just 8 days.  Just three days after, FBI Director Comey reopened the investigation, I told our national radio audience on our October 31st broadcast of Jay Sekulow Live to watch the countdown to Director Comey caving.  And he did just that.

Here’s what I said:

He did just that. He caved to political pressure.  And now it’s time for him to go.