President Obama took the law into his own hands.

He ignored Congress. He violated the Constitution.

He cannot be allowed to unilaterally change our immigration laws.

We need legal immigration reform, not the Executive overreach of an imperial presidency.

We’re joining with Congress to defend the Constitution.

We’ve testified before Congress. We’ve filed critical briefs in court. Now, we’re working with Members of Congress on legislation to defund President Obama’s illegal Executive action.

President Obama’s Executive overreach has consequences.

Stand with us in defense of the Constitution. Stop this imperial presidency. Urge Congress to stop funding his illegal actions.

Sign our petition today:

Petition to Stop President Obama’s Illegal Action

To Members of Congress:

President Obama has gone too far. Reforming our immigration laws must begin in Congress. It must be done legally. Use the power of the purse. Refuse to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive overreach.

Stop Funding President Obama’s Illegal Executive Action

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