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The Obama-Biden Administration lied.

The Administration negotiated with the leading state sponsor of terrorism – Iran – long before the public knew. In fact, when directly asked about it, the Administration lied.

Now they have censored a critical State Department briefing on this issue – eight minutes of video deleted. It’s a cover-up. There’s no two ways about it.

They were the most critical diplomatic negotiations in decades, and the Obama-Biden Administration deceived the American people. The Administration defrauded the public as Iran imprisoned and tortured U.S. citizens – Americans the ACLJ was fighting to free.

We’re taking direct legal action to force the Administration to come clean. We've already filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and have now filed a federal lawsuit against the State Department for withholding the truth. Who authorized the cover-up? Who lied?

But we need you to join our legal action. Demand the truth. Add your name:

Committee To Demand the Truth about the Iran Negotiations

Demand the Truth About the Obama-Biden Administration’s Iran Lie

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