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ACLJ Wins Major Mandate Case At the Supreme Court

By Jordan Sekulow1642197273461

In a major victory for the ACLJ and the American worker, the Supreme Court issued an emergency stay that blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate and held that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have the statutory authority to implement this mandate. Now, nearly...

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Blocks Biden's "Vaccine Mandate" Power Grab

By Jordan Sekulow1642111303389

We won. The Constitution won. The U.S. Supreme Court just issued an emergency stay blocking President Biden’s “vaccine mandate” power grab, delivering a significant constitutional victory for our client, The Heritage Foundation, as well as employers and employees all across the country. The...

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ACLJ Legal Team Analysis: Supreme Court Hears President Biden's Mandate

By Jay Sekulow1641588489864

The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in the case against President Biden’s employer vaccine mandate that forces employers with 100 or more workers to implement a policy requiring vaccination or, in the alternative, to submit to weekly testing and wear masks. We’re representing The Heritage...

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President Biden's Mandate Goes Before the Supreme Court Tomorrow

By Jordan Sekulow1641503813975

Tomorrow, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the Biden employer vaccine mandate that forces employers of 100 or more workers to implement a policy requiring employees to get the COVID vaccine or to test weekly. The ACLJ is representing The Heritage Foundation in their first...

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Countdown Begins: Biden Mandate Goes Before SCOTUS

By Jordan Sekulow1641248279219

At 9:00 AM today, the ACLJ filed our reply brief to the United States Supreme Court opposing the Biden employer vaccine mandate. Although the penalties for violating this mandate don’t go into effect until February, as we’ve told you, employers must begin to comply tomorrow. Oral argument in the...

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ACLJ Files Reply At Supreme Court Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

By Abigail A. Southerland1641197400000

Even after admitting that there is "no federal solution" to fight the spread of COVID-19, President Biden continues to fight to enforce his unconstitutional vaccine mandate on American employers. As we’ve told you, the ACLJ is currently fighting at the Supreme Court against President Biden’s...

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President Biden Makes Stunning Admission About Controlling COVID-19

By Logan Sekulow1640729937984

As the COVID-19 crisis continues and the new omicron variant has expedited the spread of the virus, President Biden just made a stunning admission about the federal government’s role in controlling this situation. Despite the Biden Administration’s push for a federal vaccine mandate, President...

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Supreme Court To Hear Vaccine Mandate Case Jan. 7th

By Jay Sekulow1640644653822

We are fighting at the Supreme Court against President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate. The Supreme Court has announced it will hear oral arguments on January 7th. The mandate that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) put forward to go into effect on January 4, 2022, requires...

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BREAKING: SCOTUS Orders Expedited Oral Argument on Biden Vaccine Mandate

By Jordan Sekulow1640234244446

Just moments ago, the Supreme Court ordered expedited oral argument on the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate cases to be held on January 7th. In an unusual move, the Supreme Court set an expedited oral argument on the emergency stay requests in the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate cases...

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ACLJ Takes Emergency Action At The SCOTUS Over Biden’s Mandate

By Jordan Sekulow1640055189505

We told you about President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for employers of 100 or more employees. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on Friday to reinstate the mandate, siding with the Biden Administration. We immediately filed an emergency application for Stay of Agency...

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ACLJ Files Emergency Stay at U.S. Supreme Court Over Biden's Mandate

By Jordan Sekulow1640035308956

We just took emergency action at the U.S. Supreme Court to fight back against the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate after a federal appeals court reinstated the President’s lawless overreach. We told you that the ACLJ is representing The Heritage Foundation in a new lawsuit challenging...

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Senate Votes to Repeal Federal Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

By Jordan Sekulow1639087923018

Yesterday evening, the U.S. Senate voted 52-48 to repeal President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for employers of 100 or more employees. We already filed a lawsuit on behalf of The Heritage Foundation over this unconstitutional mandate. The mandate has not been upheld in any court thus far. ACLJ...

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Senate Will Vote to Ban Biden Employer Mandate

By Jordan Sekulow1638829098876

The Senate will vote this week on a resolution to eliminate the Biden federal vaccine mandate for employers. The resolution, which is likely to pass, follows procedures set forth by the Congressional Review Act, which provides a legislative mechanism to roll back executive actions. The mandate...

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Stop Biden's Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate


President Biden's vaccine mandate is an unconstitutional abuse of federal power. The Biden Administration issued a federal rule forcing employers of 100 or more individuals to require their employees...


ACLJ Sues Biden Admin Over Employer Mandate for Heritage Foundation

By Jordan Sekulow1638318520867

The ACLJ is representing the Heritage Foundation in a new lawsuit challenging the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for employers. The mandate has been promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and applies to all employers with 100 or more employees, regardless of...

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ACLJ Represents Heritage Foundation in Biden Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

By Jay Sekulow1638291264456

The ACLJ has just filed a lawsuit against President Biden’s vaccine mandate on behalf of the Heritage Foundation – one of the largest conservative organizations in the nation known for its work to formulate and promote public policies that advance free enterprise, limited government, individual...

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Biden Proposes to Raise Taxes, Spend $2 TRILLION (Sekulow Recap)

By Jordan Sekulow1617224935104

President Biden unveils a $2 trillion spending package - how high will your taxes go? Today on Sekulow, we discuss President Biden’s newly unveiled infrastructure plan. Of course, he’s planning to pay for it by raising taxes. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talked about this earlier today:

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ACLJ Obtains Documents Showing Collusion

By Jay Sekulow1484932243611

Last night, less than 24 hours before President Obama left office, we obtained critical documents exposing collusion between President Obama’s State Department, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s senior staff, and the Clinton Foundation on the closure of the U.S. detention facility at...

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ACLJ Obtains “Sensitive” State Dept. Memo

By Jay Sekulow1484841000325

In our ongoing lawsuit against President Obama’s State Department over the Iran lie, we have received definitive evidence that the Obama Administration intentionally manipulated the public video record of a press briefing – deleting a portion in which it admitted lying to the American people about...

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2016 Victories: ACLJ's Lawsuit on Iran Lie

By ACLJ.org1479749580354

This is the latest installment in a year-end series looking back at a few of the many victories by the ACLJ in 2016. This year, we filed a critical lawsuit against the Obama State Department for covering up its lies about the Iran nuclear deal. The State Department has filed its answer to our...

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