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A Victory for Liberty

By ACLJ.org1378999786000

Recently, ACLJ successfully defended a baseless complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Human Rights (FCHR) against our client, a family-owned private business owner that runs an education resource center in Florida. The center provides curriculum, educational materials and meeting rooms to support existing homeschool curriculum, tutoring and other activities, as well as to provide meeting rooms for community events.

The complaint was filed by a disgruntled member of the community planning to use the private owner’s facilities for a meeting to show a film entitled, “Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.” Our client permitted the patron to use its facilities as planned, but asked that she post a more accurate description of the event on the owner’s website where the event was being advertised. The owner’s request was made after several visitors had inquired about the event originally advertised by the patron as “Caesar’s Messiah Documentary (History of Christianity)” – an event that by all appearances was a documentary about Christianity, but was, in fact, a film asserting that Christianity is a sham.

Following the patron’s use of the owner’s facilities and a showing of the film, she filed a complaint with the FCHR and alleged that she had been a victim of discrimination because the owner asserted control over the content of the patron’s advertisement which was posted on the owner’s website (i.e. by insisting that the misleading title of the film be changed to accurately reflect its content).

ACLJ responded to the unfounded complaint and explained in its response to FCHR that the owner did not engage in discrimination, and that he maintains the right to exercise editorial control over the content of his website. The FCHR agreed, stating in its determination of no cause that “the request [made by the center] were to ensure that the nature of Complainant’s event coincided with [the center’s] guidelines, and not an intent to discriminate.”

This article was written by ACLJ Attorney Abby Southerland.

The Separation of Angry Atheists and Constitution

By Skip Ash1520460431291

The other day I came upon an essay written by an Advisory Board Member of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), retired Brigadier General John M. Compere. I have read and responded to General Compere’s views before . In my view, the General espouses an overly expansive view of the...

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FEMA Discrimination Comes to an End

By ACLJ.org1518534000000

Previously we have told you how churches and places of worship were being discriminated against and were prohibited from even applying to receive grants from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) in the wake of natural disasters. Thankfully, FEMA announced in January of 2018 that they...

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Under Attack Again in Federal Court

By Geoffrey Surtees1511978140620

As explained here , the Trump administration issued Interim Final Rules last month regarding religious and moral exemptions under the HHS abortion-pill mandate. For years, we fought for the government to provide these conscience protections. The previous administration’s campaign to force religious...

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MRFF Attacks a Christian, The Chaplains’ Flag

By Wesley Smith1511975032084

In the latest attack by Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the target is not only the United States military (MRFF’s venomous specialty) but is also an attack on history, in this case the history of the Korean War. At Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, there is a...

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