Will You VOTE and WHY?


Jordan Sekulow

October 27, 2022

3 min read

Election Law



As of today, we’re only twelve days from the Midterm Elections. Yesterday we proposed the assertion that the Left is completely disconnected with the concerns of Americans.

That’s why for today’s Sekulow broadcast, we decided to switch up the format. Instead of just me and my dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, talking to you about important news and legislation that could affect Americans, we asked you, the listeners, to call in and tell us what issues matter most to you.

What issues are controversial? Which issues that you thought would have been pressing at this point have more or less fallen off the radar? What issues are you talking about with friends, family members, or even, if you dare, your co-workers to get them out to the polls?

Despite whatever lies the radical Left wants to spread through the mainstream media, your voice and your vote MATTER. As Americans, we have the privilege and the obligation to cast our votes for our leaders. To not do so is an insult to our forefathers and the countless patriots who died to create a more perfect union. And by not voting, you’re helping the opposition. Elections matter. Elections have consequences. Your voice has to be heard.

According to a USA Today poll, many of the undecided voters involved have now migrated over to the Republican party. My dad offered his own analysis of why the Left seems to be waning as we approach Election Day on Tuesday: 

The effect that we have right now, I believe, is that we have a momentum shift that’s taken place I’d say in the last three weeks. And listen, part of it is, and we’re going to get into this, because the economy is really reeling, and people are really hurting so that’s a factor. Number two, I think, and I think we have to be clear on this, is you look at what motivates the voting base, and while the abortion issue was going to be this great gatherer of momentum for the groups on the Left, I don’t think it has. It probably has given them some impact but I don’t think anywhere near what they thought it would be.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to abortion vs. inflation – not with so many American families struggling to put food in the refrigerator and gas in the car to get to work and school. Even voters who might otherwise vote for a pro-abortion candidate are struggling to make ends meet the way they were two years ago. In less than two weeks, we’ll know how that impacts this Midterm Election.

Above all, don’t fall for the lies meant to scare you away from the polls. We told you how Hillary Clinton is already telling folks to prepare for conservatives to “steal” the 2024 presidential election. The only way to combat such blatant misinformation is to get out and cast your vote. It’s your right and your duty.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes further in-depth discussion of the stakes as we approach this critical Midterm. We also take many calls from listeners who proudly share their reason for voting and taking pride in this constitutional republic.  

Watch the full broadcast below: